Are you looking for the best coin counting machine or coin sorting machine to count your loose change at home? A good coin counting machine is very useful if you have a lot of spare change lying around at home and if you are wondering how much money you have in spare change. A good digital coin sorter or a machine coin sorter will also keep you focused on saving your money and holding onto your loose change. Besides heading to  coin counter machines at banks, you can count your own change at home with these machines.

*Why Should I Buy a Coin Sorting Machine?

Did you ever wonder just how much loose change you have lying around? I personally used to keep a bunch of loose change in my car and in my bedroom drawer. It was messy and I’m sure I lost a lot of quarters because of this, too.

One day I decided to change this (no pun intended!) and got a digital coin sorting and counting machine.It serves a couple of obvious purposes – it counts all your loose change and it also holds all your coins in one safe place.

This is great because you will no longer have a ton of pennies and dimes lying around – and you will be motivated to save your change. It really does add up and you’ll be surprised just how much money you will save!

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Best Manual Cort Sorting Machine

I like this machine listed below because it requires no batteries or power! Batteries can cost a lot of money and that would ruin the whole point of saving your change.  The manual hand crack makes sorting easy and fun without the use of batteries or electricity.

It's also very light and portable! This machine holds up to 200 coins making it easier to sort coins accurately and in a timely manner. It comes with a manufacturers 1 year warranty.

At around $25, it’s also pretty inexpensive.

Royal Sovereign Sort 'N Save Manual Coin Sorter, Black/Clear (QS-1)
Amazon Price: $27.99 $23.33 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 7, 2014)

Looking for something cheaper?

Best Digital Counting Money Jar for Your Car or Home

This next  item is a coin counting jar that is sleek and thin – plus very inexpensive at less than $10! While it is inexpensive, it is also high quality, and fits most car cup holders so you can keep it near all your loose change.

Amazon reviewers also give high marks to the accuracy of this money counting jar. Check out what some people had to say:

“This is a very nice and accurate coin counting jar. First thing that I noticed is that the jar is made out of high quality plastic. I've seen many other coin counters made out of very thin cheap chincy plastic that looks like it is made from a cheap water bottle. “

“This also has a nice top that is accurate and also has a feature that can subtract money. It never made a mistake in counting for me.”

*The best thing I like about this one is the fact that it fits in your car cup holder, and of course that it's so cheap to buy.

Cheap and Effective Coin Counting Jar

Totes Mens Auto Coin Jar, Clear, One Size
Amazon Price: $30.90 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 7, 2014)

 Coin Counter Locations – Banks With Free Coin Counting Machines

Are you instead looking for a bank that has a free coin counting machine inside? Coinstar and other places actually charge people to use their machine – why bother wasting 8 percent of your money when there are a number of coin counter locations across the country?

TD Bank is one bank with this service, but they do require you to become a bank member first.

Wells Fargo and US Bank are other banks which have this free service. I’ve also heard that PNC bank has free coin counting machines.

If you can’t find a coin counting machine, some tellers at banks will actually count your change for you. They can then just deposit the money in your bank account. You should buy coin wrappers if you plan on doing this, however! Don’t just walk up to the counter with a bunch of change in a piggy bank.

Best Assorted Coin Wrappers for Change

Royal Sovereign Assorted Coin Preformed Wrappers, 216 Count (FSW-216N)
Amazon Price: $16.99 $7.85 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 7, 2014)

So what do you plan to do - coint your own change at home or bring your change into a bank to get it counted? Either way, I think you will be surprised at how much money you will have saved by holding onto your loose change.

Every week I save extra change lying around in my car or after buying groceries, and at the end of every month I usually have at least $20 in coins. This is money that can be spent on gas, food or entertainment. So you definitely should be happy to see the money just pile up in your coin counting jar.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the best coin counting machines!