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Coin Operated Commercial Washing Machines PricesCommercial washing machines are quite expensive, especially if these are coin operated. If you have a business providing wash and laundry services then operating a successful business of this kind entails the purchase of cheap yet reliable washing machines. In order to choose the best one, you have to compare the respective prices versus the machines’ features and capabilities.

Here are some coin operated commercial washing machine prices which could help you decide the washer that you’ll eventually buy:

Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity Commercial Washer With Coin Slide and Keyed Coin Box

This washer has a current selling price of $998.98 online. It has a capacity of 3Cheap Washing Machines For Sale Online.2 cubic feet and is 2007 Federal Energy Compliant. This brand is proven to be reliable in terms of usability for laundry services based on positive customer testimonials. This Whirlpool has a front and bottom serviceable direct-drive No Belts Drive System which is extremely reliable for coin operated washing machines of high quality. The washing machine features an automatic temperature control system that lets you control the washer’s temperature from 115 degrees hot to 85 degrees warm. The washer includes a residential-grade water inlet hoses and a drain hose as well.

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Speed Queen Coin Operated White Front Load Washer

This washing machine is oCoin Operated Washers And Dryersne of the most preferred choices of laundry service operators because of its quality and reliability. It is currently put on sale for a price of $2,377 on Amazon. The Speed Queen washer is capable of washing large volumes of clothing because of its 2.84 cubic feet capacity. It has a stainless steel interior which makes for its durable built. This front load washer is capable of 4 wash cycles at a rate of 1,000 RPM spin speed which is extremely fast for a washing machine.

27-Inch Coin-Operated Front-Load Washer Stainless Steel Washing Machine

If you are comparing the prices of coin-operated commercial washing machines tWashing Machine Reviewshen you’ll probably notice this washer from Speed Queen also. This is up for sale on Amazon at a current price of $2,319 subject to price changes. It has a capacity of 2.8 cubic feet and can handle 3 wash cycles at 500, 650, or 1000 RPM spin speeds.

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GE Commercial Coin Operated Top Load Washer

This GE commercial washing machine has a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet. It can handle 5 wash cycles at 3 different wash and rinse temperatures. The washer has a Greenwald Vert 8-Coin system which allows for theCoin Operated Washing Machines convenient and easy use of the machine. It is one of the best coin operated washing machines that that you can buy for commercial use – for instance, in a business providing washing and laundry services.

These are just some of the prices of coin-operated washers that you can find online. Some of these are sold in Amazon which offers different items at discounted prices.