Looking for Coinstruction toys from Educational Insights?  The makers of Playfoam also make cool connectors that allow your budding engineer to build all kind of interesting creations with coins and connecting plastic pieces that hold those coins vertical, horizontal or on an angle.    

The Coinstruction series of toys will appeal to kids that enjoy other building toys like Lego and Lincoln Logs. They can be assembled into unlimited combinations to build any kind of structure.  As your children grows the can build more complex structures.  Even adults with a construction gene will enjoy the Coinstruction kits.  

There are a variety of sizes of Coinstruction kits.  For larger projects and more fun, you can combine the kits, or for travel you can just take a small number of pieces.  

In addition to the selection of plastic kit pieces you will need coins.  You can get rolls of coins from any bank just for the asking. You may also want a small container to hold you coin and connector set.

What can you build with Coinstruction Toys?

The best part of coinstruction is that you can build anything you want or can dream up.  The general idea is different than Lego though, because you are outlining the object, not building in all the details solid.  Here are some examples of coinstruction kits available.Coinstruction Toys on Sale - Dune Buggy KitCredit: Educational Insights / Amazon

Coinstruction Toy DinosaurCredit: Educational Insights / Amazon


Coinstruction Toys on SaleCredit: Amazon Products Educational Insights