If you like to follow along with a cooking show or even the news in the kitchen, then using a Colby under cabinet kitchen TV is an affordable option.

This 15.6 inch wide screen fits perfectly under your cabinets, and can not only bring in that favourite cooking show or your favourite TV shows, but it can play DVDs as well and is under 200 dollars.

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Coby TV

great way to follow your favourite cooking show.

If you always feel a bit left out while the TV is blaring away in the other room, then getting a Under cabinet TV for the kitchen is a great way to follow along as well as not use up any counter space.  Following a cooking show with the TV in another room can be difficult!  This is a perfect setup as it is at eye level too.

It has a simple mounting kit and also has an input for video games, and can also be used as an AM/FM radio when you don’t feel like having the TV on.  It has all the bells and whistles of much larger TVs, including parental locking ability, but is compact enough to work well under your upper cabinets.

If you love to cook and love to learn new recipes or prepare new dishes for your family or friends, then having your favourite cooking show recorded while you are at work and then ready to play back again at night or when you are ready is a great way to learn.

This way you are already with your supplies and with all your utensils and cookware around you.  So, when deciding whereabouts in the kitchen you want this to go, think about how you will be watching it.  You don’t want to be craning your neck from the other side of the room!

If you prefer to simply have your coffee first thing in the morning at the kitchen table and want to catch up with the day’s events, you can turn the TV so that you can see it from the table.  It all depends on your lifestyle and what you want.  

So, if you want AM/FM/DVD/HDTV then consider the Colby Under Cabinet Kitchen TV, this is designed to fit under the upper cabinets and weighs less than 9 pounds.  All the controls are easy to see along the top of the TV, and the TV suspends underneath.

The size allows you to still use your countertop with ease.  If you are in the middle of a remodel of your kitchen then consider getting a cable jack and electrical outlet installed nearby and out of sight so that you can get all the channels with ease.

A 15.6 inch screen is a good size for the kitchen, and it has an integrated stereo speaker system with good quality sound.

Electronics have come down in price, and so if you are looking for good quality and yet affordability then consider the Colby under cabinet kitchen TV for your kitchen.  You can get these at most electronic stores but you can get one online at sites such as Amazon for an affordable price and delivered to your door!

I have decided it would be a great way to take up cooking.  You can also get many other under cabinet appliances that will leave your countertop clear, and I especially like the coffee maker as this takes up huge room on the counter.