Many of us in the job hunting market are a little hesitant to pick up the phone and actively pursue positions that they have applied for or desire.  But the fact of the matter is that it has become a necessity in today’s market especially when you are seeking jobs in competitive marketplaces.

Let’s consider it from the employer perspective

In my experience as an employer, if I have an position that I need filled, one of the first steps naturally is that I place an advertisement in one of the online job sites.  Normally within minutes, my inbox is flooded with heaps of applicants and now it is my job to sit down and peruse through the applications to see who I might be interested in learning a little more about.  As I am in the middle of this, the phone rings and a polite, well-spoken applicant is on the phone and directs my attention to his or her resume.  Does this make their name stand out – of course it does when compared to the other applicants who have done nothing but send me through a recycled CV who I am sure they have sent out to heaps of other companies in their quest to gain new employment.

To take it one step further

Some of you may not know, but many of the new jobs that are gained each month are done even without advertising the positions.  These are done through networking with employees connections on social media or through word of mouth.  This is a much more common practice with highly desirable jobs such as working for a brewery – who wouldn’t like to do that!  So how do you land one of these jobs? It’s simple by getting your name on the tip of the tongue of the company that you want to work for and if not on the tip of the tongue, at least somewhere in the HR managers resume folder.  From the perspective of the business, this resume folder is extremely valuable as it is a resource they can draw on before having to tap into the resource folder of recruitment company who charge an arm and a leg for their services – sometimes in excess of 20% of your first years’ salary!

So what are some tips to make this kind of call effectively?

Well first, it goes without saying that you need to do some research first.  What is the company all about? What are its goals? What benefits does it offer to its customers? And the most important question that you need to answer is what benefits can you bring into this mix? Also be sure to take a quick search for recent news related to the company – this always serves as a great ice breaker when making your first contact.  I have yet to have someone do this when I have been looking for staff but it sure would impress the heck out of me if they did!

A second and final tip is that once you have touched base with the appropriate person and made a promise to send through your details / resume, make sure that you do it right away.  This will further cement your name in their mind.

What have your experiences been with cold calling for jobs?  Would love to hear about any successes or failures that you might have encountered.

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