Cold shoulder tops are tops that make you look slimmer and are popular among shoppers of plus size clothing. These tops come in various colors and shapes, and they’re also very comfortable to wear. They can be worn with jeans and skirts and you can purchase these tops with sequins, beading and yarn designs as well as slogans on them. Cold shoulder tops have become popular for women in recent years, and many fashion designers make all types of these tops. Cold shoulder tops are excellent for casual and formal wear, and they come in various sizes.

A popular type of cold shoulder tops is the silk or cotton cold shoulder top. These cold shoulder tops feel comfortable and you can find these at most stores. They are also great for house parties and you’ll like how confident they make you feel. These  tops also work well for work situations. You can complement these tops with some nice jewelry and a beautiful bracelet.

Of all the different pants you can wear with cold shoulder tops, skinny jeans look the best with these tops because they make you look sexy and confident. I usually wear skinny jeans with cold shoulder tops and they look very nice on me. Another kind of pants I like with cold shoulder tops is dress pants because they add flair to my work outfits. With dress pants, these tops become sophisticated and elegant depending on the style of cold shoulder top you wear. I like cold shoulder tops with dress pants because it gives me a break from wearing the same khaki and white polo shirts to work every day.

Cold shoulder tops are also affordable because most stores and online retailers carry discounts on these tops. One way to get a discount on cold shoulder tops is to take some manufacturers’ coupons to local stores. You can also get bargains by taking advantage of stores’ weekly sales on cold shoulder tops. Another idea is to take advantage of promo codes from online retailers because this saves you money.

If you have some old cold shoulder tops, don’t throw them away. Instead, reuse or recycle them. For example, if you have a lot of these  tops, you can donate them to Goodwill because Goodwill centers often give people work clothes or clothes they can wear to job interviews. These tops can also be given to your teenage girls if they’re on their way to college soon and need extra outfits. You can also give these  tops to neighbors or church members who struggle financially.

Cold shoulder tops are comfortable to wear and I enjoy wearing them because they don’t irritate my skin and I can wear them with any outfit. A lot of my cold shoulder tops are also washable by hand so I don’t have to put them in the dryer and worry about the shirts shrinking once I take them out the dryer. I also like how I can mix and match the shirts with my skirts and pants.

One of the best ways to get cheap cold shoulder tops is to use some manufacturers’ coupons and bring them to the clothing stores to get discounts. When you use manufacturers’ coupons, make sure you look at the expiration date and any special restrictions on the coupon. Also use only the manufacturers’ coupons for stores you visit the most because you don’t want to waste time and money on stores you don’t like very much. Organize your coupons by manufacturer before heading to the stores so you’ll have an easier shopping experience.

You can also get cheap cold shoulder tops by visiting thrift stores and consignment shops. These stores often carry designer-brand  tops at marked down prices and if you visit the thrift stores and consignment shops in the suburban areas of the city, you’ll get better quality. You should still inspect the tops for stains, rust, excess dirt or missing zippers and buttons before purchasing them and only purchase the more well-known brands since this is the fun part of thrift store shopping.

Another way to get cheap cold shoulder tops is to visit online clothing retailers and Ebay. These websites have plenty of affordable  tops and you can buy them in bulk when sales are offered on these tops. I wouldn’t recommend the mail-in rebates because you’ll still pay a regular price even though the retailer will mail you money if you fill out the rebate. I prefer to take advantage of the “75% off” or “50% off” sales on online clothing retailers for the best bargains on cold shoulder tops. Beware of shady online clothing retailers and if you’re suspicious of a certain company, visit the Better Business Bureau’s website for information on this company.

You can also get cheap cold shoulder tops by visiting local malls. The clothing stores in these malls will always have a wide variety of cold shoulder tops for every size and these stores also carry great discounts. When you shop at the mall for cheap  tops, don’t grab the first ones which look attractive but instead try them on first to see if they fit correctly. The cold shoulder tops shouldn’t fit too tight or loose but just right for the figure.

If you receive mail order catalogs as part of your junk mail, you can get cheap tops this way. Many of the catalogs feature good discounts on the tops and you can sometimes buy in bulk and still save a lot of money. If you don’t use credit cards, don’t worry because these companies allow you to purchase the clothing with a debit card but you should inquire about this before making the purchase.

It’s possible to get cheap cold shoulder tops from major discount retailers such as Target, Marshall’s TJ Maxx and Walmart. I visit these retailers often and recently I saved over fifty dollars on some new tops at TJ Maxx. The good thing is that these clothes don’t look cheap.