Are you looking for more information on a cold sore cure? Cold sores are one of those things that most people do not want to be associated with. Cold sores are viruses and they display their effects in two places of great embarrassment - the mouth and the genital area.

These unattractive ailments are transported from one person to another typically through contact with a blister or sexual transmission and if you have them they are with you for life. To put it simply there is no absolute way to get rid of this virus, but there are some cold sore cures that can at least heal the outer appearances of cold sores.

There are many kinds of treatments for cold sores and the best way to keep them away is by staying fit and keeping your immune system healthy. To be quite honest, time is often the best cure for cold sores. After the sores appear they will usually go away within 4 to 10 days. However, most people just don't want to deal with the cold sores and this is why they take all kind of medications to rid themselves of the sores to begin with. Medications for cold sores which usually are over-the-counter are good for treating the symptoms and severity of the sores. They can help to reduce the overall appearance of the sores and keep them from spreading easier.

Medications can also help to reduce the amount of time that the sores will heal. The use of antibiotics is a common way to deal with cold sores. Even though antibiotics help to deal effectively with the sores they are not recommended over time because of the fact that so many viruses become resistant to them. The next thing that comes recommended but not necessarily more important than anything else is aloe. The type of aloe that works best in this situation is the purer kind that hasn't been mixed with other ingredients. Another remedy is cornstarch. Make a cornstarch paste and rub it on the sore and this should stop it from forming beyond the stage that it's at.

A cold sore carrier can use ice to slow down the spread of the virus and quite possibly stop it from going further than its current point. Lysine is another popular method for dealing with cold sores. Lysine is not just some simple drug and it's recommended that you seriously consult a medical professional before using this remedy. Mint extract known as the herb Melissa is known to speed up the healing process. Tea is another possible cure in the healing process. In this case it's the use of the tea bag after it has been boiled and cooled then you can apply it to the cold sore. There isn't a known cold sores cure that will totally take away the herpes virus.

Researchers are now trying to deal with the virus by learning how to cut it off and on. In other words they're trying to deal with the factors which trigger the flair ups with cold sores. How effective their research is will be shown over time. These are just some cold sore remedies that will point you in the right direction with alleviating your sores. Good luck on finding a Cold Sore Cure