Cold sores can be one of the most unpleasant occurrences to afflict someone. Cold sores are caused by a virus, the herpes virus, and that virus is carried by approximately 90% of the population at large. A significant subset of this population has to suffer from regular cold sore outbreaks on the lips. And a smaller percentage have to deal with them appearing on other body parts including cold sores in the nose.

Cold Sore in Nose

Nasal cold sores are not, genetically, dissimilar to cold sores on lips, in that they are caused by the machinations of the cold sore virus. The reason that they appear on the nose rather than the lips is simply a function of how the cold sore virus operates. When the cold sore virus is activated the viruses localize at a particular location on the skin. At this point the sufferer will feel a discomfort, a sensation of tingling and burning in that area. Shortly thereafter a cold sore will appear. Now, the reason that so often cold sores will appear on and in the nose is due to how the cold sore virus is spread.

The cold sore virus is spread by contact. For instance, if you kiss a person with an active cold sore outbreak, you can relocate the virus from that person's skin to your own. However, the process also refers to the individual themselves. What you may not know is that you can spread the cold sore virus to different spots of your own skin simply by touching the infected area (many times a lip) and then touching another area of the skin without washing your hands. This process is known as auto-inoculation and, the fact of the matter, is that many individuals are not aware that they can spread the herpes outbreak to different parts of the body.

Therefore, if you develop a cold sore on any part of your body, it is imperative that you wash your hands thoroughly if you come into physical contact with the sore. It is recommended that you make a habit of washing your hands frequently with soap and water if you are suffering from a cold sore outbreak. It is essential that you wash your hands if you have actually touched the area of the skin on which the sore is contained in order to avoid spreading it to other parts of the skin. Now, the good news is that the cold sore virus is easily killed by soap and water so all you will need to practice proper cold sore hygiene is a good, over-the-counter anti-bacterial soap.

Preventing Cold Sores in Nose

Understanding how cold sores spread is important but perhaps the most important thing when dealing with cold sores is knowing how to prevent their occurrence in the first place. Cold sores in the nose (or anywhere else) occur when the herpes activates in nerve endings and then localizes. However, it is possible to suppress this activation if you take certain steps.

The first thing that you want to do to prevent cold sores is to eat a healthy diet rich with fruits and leafy vegetables. The nutrients in these food items give the immune system the strength it needs to keep the herpes virus suppressed. The next thing that you must do is to take immediate action when you feel the tingling sensation indicating a cold sore is on the way. As soon as you feel this sensation you should begin taking the supplement lysine which works to inhibit the virus's reproduction.

Finally, when you are suffering from cold sores in nose, make certain to use caution when touching the area with your hands. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly upon waking and if you make contact with the cold sore. Naturally, nobody desires cold sores in nose, but treating them quickly and using preventative measures can make the whole experience much less unpleasant.

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