Gazpacho - Spanish

Gazpacho is a famous Spanish soup originating in Southern Andalucia.  This world's favourite dish is eaten cold.  The base is tomatoes and cucumbers as well as bread (it's a good way to utilize bread that's gone stale) and olive oil.  The soup is served during hot summer months which is probably year round in sunny Andalucia.

There are regional variations in terms of ingredients: watermelons, red or yellow peppers, and seafood are sometimes used in place of tomatoes.  Gazpacho comes in different textures too. Some people like to dice their vegetables while others liquefy the ingredients, using modern utensils such as blenders and food processors.  It is recommended to use mortar and pestle to avoid the foam that comes from blending on high speed, and to preserve the texture of the vegetables and bread.  



Okroshka - Russian

Russian favourite soup is usually based on kvas - fermented drink made from bread, yeast and sugar.  The ingredients typically involve cucumbers, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, cold cuts meat similar to Bologna or ham, green onions, radishes and mayo.  Everything is diced and mixed together; kvas can be added to individual dishes or to the common pot, and chilled for a few hours.  Unsweetened kvas is usually made for this purposes from leftover bread.  It has slighly sour flavour and is an excellent source of vitamin B.  

If kvas is not available, Russians like to add kefir and other forms of fermented sour dairy, mineral water, or cold water.  You can also add dill and parsley as well as beets on occassion. This soup is hearty and refreshing.  


Tarator - Bulgarian

Dairy-based cold soup is also really popular in the Balkans region.  It is a traditional Bulgarian dish made from yogurt, cucumbers, dill, garlic, walnuts, water.  Tarator is a popular side dish and also served as an appertizer.  Don't add water and you will have another popular dish called Snowwhite salad.  

This soup is also great for diets, post-holiday feasts and days when you don't have much appetite.


Mulnaengmyeon - Korean

Extremely popular in South Korea, my personal favourite is this tangy beef broth-based, arrowroot or buckwheat noodle soup served chilled with a slice of beef, egg, and asian pear and a dash of vinegar and mustard.  Good both on hot and cold days, this soup is a good hangover cure.  The texture of chewy noodles, the tanginess and coldness of the broth, egg whites and beef create an awesome mouth experience.  It's also fun to cut the noodles with scissors before consuming them.  





Buttermilk Koldskal - Danish

Now we need something sweet to entertain our palate.  Let's look at this Danish soup which goes in demand as the temperature climbes up the scale.  The soup can be made at home but lazy people in Denmark like to buy it readymade.  It is made from buttermilk, eggs, sugar, cream, vanilla and served with crispy cookies.  The word "koldskal" means gruel but this is not eaten anymore.  This soup is popular with the adults and kids alike.