This Coleman Camping Tent Review is designed to help you in making a sophisticated choice when you are picking out a camping tent. I will list a couple of Coleman camping tents here, with their pro's and cons. Hopefully you will find it helpful.

Coleman Camping Tent Review

Coleman Weathermaster

Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Weathermaster TentCredit:


  • Comfortable. The Weathermaster is really big and it can store up to 10 people.
  • Adjustable. The Weathermaster has several options to change cabinets or make it one big cabinet.
  • Sets up easy. In the article you can actually see a video on how the Weathermaster is set up, it is easy!


  • A little too big in windy conditions. The Weathermaster should be disassembled in windy conditions.
  • Holds plastic stakes. These are of course less durable, which is a con for the tent.

Price-quality ratio:

Good, as all Coleman camping tents.

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Coleman Sundome

Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Sundome Tent


  • Small. The Sundome shouldn't be a problem in carrying around, it is very small.
  • Cheap. For only 60$ you can get this thing already, so really, really cheap.
  • Easy in setting up. You can set this tent up within 15 minutes being alone.


  • Not a family-tent. There are Sundome's for 6 persons, but that definitely won't fit.
  • Single-doored. Only one door, as it is only a small tent.

Price-quality ratio:

Really good, the tent is really small, but is almost costs nothing. For 60$ you can get a three person tent.

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Coleman Montana

Coleman Camping Tent MontanaCredit:


  • Easy to set up. An important factor in tents!
  • Comfortable. For a couple this tent provides you enough room to move!


  • Thin floor. Which makes the floor vulnerable.
  • Weak zippers. Zippers are always expensive, so you have to be careful with these zippers.
  • Noisy in the wind. Because of the good ventilation this tent is getting really noisy in the wind.

Price quality ratio:

Not perfect. The tent is at a good price for the space you are getting, but it is not a very good price for the quality you get.

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Coleman Hooligan

Coleman Camping Tent HooliganCredit:


  • Lightweight. A really small tent, so also light of weight. Easy to carry around when on a hike or something.
  • (Really) easy to set up. This is the easiest tent to set up in the Coleman camping tent series, because it only has one pole!
  • Cheap. Not even 65$, so a cheap one for what you are getting!


  • Not very durable. The inner tent is only mesh, which makes the tent not very durable.
  • Really small. I have my doubts if I could fit with my 1.90 meters.

Price quality ratio:

Good, very good. You are paying close to nothing for an easy tent.

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So far the reviews! Hopefully you can make your choice a little more sophisticated now and I hope you enjoyed this Coleman Camping Tent Review.