Coleman family tents are a great investment for anyone who wants to go on affordable and memorable summer vacations with their loved ones. Before buying one, you should determine what needs you have. Coleman sells many different tents of different sizes, from those that hold two people to those that fit eight people. If you are buying a Coleman family tent, be prepared to spend between $100-$200. It is best to buy them new so you will be protected by a one-year warranty.

What to Look For

It can be hard to decide which model to go with. You don't want to buy more than you need, but you don't want to be cramped on your vacation or end up soggy if there is a rainstorm. To get a comfortable size, get a model that will hold one more than your family size. For example, if you have a family of four, get something that says it will hold five. This will ensure that you have enough sleeping room and a big enough living area for you to play a board game in the evening.

In addition to size, you'll want get something that offers good weather protection. While you may hope there is no rain during your trip, it is impossible to accurately predict the weather. Look for something that has a tub floor and a full rain fly. You'll also want to buy something with sealed seams. Of course, rain isn't the only thing to consider. If you are camping in the summer it may get hot and stuffy. You'll be grateful if you chose an item that has adequate ventilation.

Why Choose Coleman Family Tents?

There are many good brands. For a positive camping experience, you want to go with a trustworthy brand. Coleman family tents are some of the most popular on the market and they tend to get four to five star ratings and mostly positive reviews from consumers. They have multiple models available that will be good for families both big and small. In addition to this brand you may also want to look at The North Face, Kelty, Sierra Designs, REI, and Eureka for comparison shopping.

Coleman Red Canyon Modified Dome Tent

If you have a large family to accommodate, you might be interested in the Coleman Red Canyon Modified Dome Tent. It can hold up to eight people and it measures 17 feet by 10 feet. The center is 72 inches tall. It can be used as one big room, or the privacy dividers will break it into three separate rooms. It isn't hard to assemble, especially if you are an experienced camper, but you will need at least two people. Because of its size, you want to make sure that there will be room at the campground to set it up.

This is a summer tent and should only be used in the fall and spring if you are in a warm weather climate. It uses a Weathertec System that is unique to Coleman to help keep you dry. The floor is water-proof and the coated polyester fabric is weather-resistant. The frame was designed to be sturdy even in the wind. The seams are leak-free. Even so, you should seal it before use. This is good advice for any tent.

Coleman Instant Two Room Tent

If you need a large tent but aren't interested in the modified dome, you may want to look into the Coleman Instant Two Room Tent. It also has a capacity of eight, but there is only one room divider instead of two. This works for families who want kids to be in one part and the parents in another. This has both a front door and a back door. It isn't quite as large as the Red Canyon Dome, but it is still spacious at 14 feet by 10 feet. The height in the center is 6'5".

One good thing about this Coleman family tent is that it is easy to put up and tear down. They claim less than one minute, which is possible for people who have done it before. Most people will take about five minutes. Since it is large, it will be easier if two people assemble it. It is simple enough that your teens and older children won't have any problem helping with this.

Many people like how it has vertical walls. This makes it easier to move around in than the more common domed models. It is good for summer usage and will keep you dry in the rain. Of course, you will want to seal the seams to make it more water-proof. During dry weather, you can keep the windows down and get good ventilation.

Coleman Sundome Tent

Smaller families might want to buy the Coleman Sundome Tent. This costs around $100, so it is cheaper than the other models. It is a five-person tent, but five people might be a bit crowded. Couples will love how much room it gives them and two parents with two younger children will also fit comfortably. It is 10 feet by 10 feet. The height in the middle is 72 inches.

Like other Coleman family tent models, it uses the WeatherTec system to withstand the rain and wind. This means that the material is coated polyester. There is also anti-wicking thread, zippers, and webbing. It comes with a rainfly that covers the windows and doors. Be sure to put it on correctly if you want to make sure that you stay dry.


No matter which tent you choose, you are making an investment in quality family time. You and your children will remember your summers of sleeping under the stars with fondness. By doing research into your needs and sticking with a good quality brand, you're ensuring that you won't be stuck with a leaky roof or a tent that is a hassle to set up and take down. Take good care of your purchase. Regardless of which brand and model you decide on, you'll need to do some maintenance to make sure that you'll be able to use it for many summers.