Introduction to the Double Air Mattress
The double air mattress is one of my favorite modern inventions for the outdoors.  Ironically, I would never use one while camping because I am very old school when it comes to camping, and some blankets between me and the ground followed by a good sleeping bag and covering blanket.  But while hunters and some outdoorsmen who like a little comfort might love what a double air bed brings to the table, I love these important pieces of bedding because of what they offer away from the outdoors.  A good Coleman queen sized double air bed is going to be able to handle up to 500 lbs - which is way above the 250 lb limit that most single air mattresses have.  This means that a double is good not only for a large man or woman (and there are plenty of us around nowadays) but also for a visiting couple who are in decent shape, or at least below the 500 pound mark.  The Coleman double air beds are designed to be durable, comfortable, and act as great temporary or guest bedding.  For those reasons, and not camping, I absolutely love sleeping on a comfortable double air mattress-many which come with an electric air pump for ease of use.

My History with Coleman Double Size Beds
For the longest time I didn't even know that double air mattresses existed, and that's a shame because there was a great year of living in Austin, Texas, when my only complaint was that I didn't have any bedding, and wasn't going to pay a grand for a couple of bedroom sets (especially since I slept in the living room-really, where the heck was I going to put my bed?). If my roommate and I had known that air beds came in double, we would have been all over that. It turned out I would learn about them after visiting my Dad in Tampa, a couple weeks after I was laid off. Him and his girlfriend lived in a small bungalow (and yes-it was the first time in my life where I saw a building that could only be described as a bungalow-love it!), and they brought out a used double air mattress they got from a garage sale.

Since that time I've been all about the comfortable double high air beds. I personally prefer the large queen sized double high air beds to the twin design which don't allow for the same level of stretching out and lolling around. I do like to roll a little bit, and I admit, there's sometimes nothing better than a little darling to cuddle up with, and the double air mattresses that are queen sized are much better for that than the single stacks.  I also simply find them more comfortable than other models, as I've discussed before in my other articles all about double air beds.  Compared to most couches and even many old mattresses, some of the best double air beds will be much more comfortable than any of these other options when it comes to sleeping.

Why Go with Coleman Air Beds?
So you've read this hub and I'm guessing that you can see my reason for getting all excited about double air mattresses.  The one remaining question is this: why do I like Coleman queen sized double air beds as say opposed to a different company's queen sized double air mattresses?  To make it clear: I'm not against air beds made by other companies, but my personal experience has been pretty much exclusively with Coleman double air mattresses, so obviously I'm going to be able to vouch for them and not for other companies. 

There are always plenty of customer reviews on Amazon, so if you have any doubts about the product you're looking at, just take a look at the customer reviews on the air bed, but always remember that a general rule of thumb online is that complainers are more likely to leave reviews than happy customers.  When you see several highly positively ranked queen sized double air beds, you know that item is really something worth giving a shot.  Overall, this means a highly rated double air mattress on Amazon is likely to be very good, so take a look for the one that's right for you!