When it comes to camping, nothing makes a bigger difference than the quality of your tent.  This is your home away from home and poorly constructed tent can make your time sleeping in the great outdoors completely miserable. The Coleman WeatherMaster Series of tents is a well constructed tent that will help you  turn your next camping trip into a fantastic adventure. This well designed tent is very easy to set up, has great an advanced ventilation system to help you stay comfortable regardless of the conditions outside, and utilizes Coleman’s Weathertec system to guarantee that you will stay dry the next time your camping trip is suddenly engulfed in bad weather.  Not only are the Coleman WeatherMaster Tents expertly engineered, but they are also affordable as well.

            Nothing is worse than having to spend hours trying to fit your tent poles together because you have either forgotten how the tent goes together or you have lost the instructions.  You went camping because you want to spend your time enjoying the outdoors, not squatting in the dust with fiberglass tent poles lodged between your legs.   "The Coleman WeatherMaster is built for those people who want to get their tent set up quickly so they can forget about it.   The WeatherMaster tent is designed to take just a few minutes to set up, so you can spend your time doing better things. You won’t have to take an extra hour out of your trip in order to set it up while you miss out on all of the fun everyone else is having. For quick and easy tent setup, it is important to have directions that are accessible and easy to understand.  The Coleman WeatherMaster has clear instructions sewn right into a durable carry bag that remains in the tent at all times. This helps to ensure that you will always have an extra set of instructions wherever your family and this tent go, leaving you with one less thing you need to remember.  Having these instructions can help to make the process of setting up this tent just about painless, and they facilitate, moving along the procedure. Color coded materials are also a great benefit to the tent. The WeatherMaster was designed with the visual learners in mind, having made the poles color coded and directly matching the instructional pictures. This is very helpful because you have a picture of the set up with different colored poles, showing where each one is, making it easier to set up. You just connect the same colors to each other and you have yourself a tent. The set up for this tent is quick because it provides you with simple instructions and color coded poles to help benefit you and guide the development of everything along smoothly in a timely manner.

            Tents are great when the weather is moderate.  Not too cold or not too hot, but there is nothing worse than trying to sleep in a tent when it becomes muggy, humid and hot, leaving you in a hot and sweaty puddle. The WeatherMaster is designed to keep your sleeping area cool and aerated. The ventilation system includes a number of vents that are adjustable, which gives you the control to decide how much outside air you’d like coming into your tent. This is unique feature helps you adjust the conditions of your tent to meet your own personal comfort level. There are multiple spots for ventilation, including the mesh roof, windows and vents. You may choose to have whichever ones opened or closed at any given time. Having multiple options gives people on different sides of the tents different options so that everyone is content and satisfied. Each option is great to let in different amount of air and breeze level to suit each individual desire. Along with being adjustable and having different options, the ventilation system also helps to protect your privacy.  This means that you have the ventilation working, but people from the outside can’t see into your tent.           Waking up in the middle of the night drenched because of a sudden storm is a surefire way to ruin your camping experience. Coleman takes the threat of outdoor conditions very seriously as they test their tent designs in a virtual “Water Room” that recreates a torrential rain fall as well as use a wind machine that is capable of producing wind gusts up to near hurricane force.  Some of the features that have come out of this extensive testing are:

1.                            Leak Free Seams – The WeatherMaster has fully taped rainfly seams, additional rainfly covering over doors and windows, and a system of Velcro strapped attachments.   The bad weather will be kept out and you and your family will stay warm and dry inside the WeatherMaster Tent. 

2.                            Specially Designed Tent Fabric – The polyester fabric of the tent has been coated and created to use  an anti-wicking thread that will keep the moisture of outside from saturating the material.

3.                            Enhanced Floor Seams – The floor seams are inverted in order to dramatically improve the tent’s resistance to needle holes which helps to keep moisture from leaking up through the floor.

4.                            Wind Resistant Construction – The frame design and construction has geometrically engineered to be more capable of withstanding high winds.


Choosing the right tent is the most important factor in having a great camping experience.  It is your home away from home.  Some factors to consider when purchasing your tent include:

1.      How many people will be in your camping party?  The Coleman WeatherMaster comes in models that are capable of accommodating anywhere from four to 10 people comfortably.

2.      How long will your camping trip be?  The longer the trip the more likely it is that you will face a variety of weather conditions.  The Coleman WeatherMaster have a variety of features that make it a very flexible shelter.

3.      How much extra gear will you have?  Each model of the WeatherMaster tent has a large screened in outer area to protect your essential camping gear. 


The only way you will be disappointed if you make the Coleman WeatherMaster tent your next home away from home will be when you realize that the camping adventure is over and you have to move back indoors.