What is collagen? Collagen is actually a rubber like and fibrous form of protein that is found in the connective tissue of cartilage and ligaments in our body. It is a type of protein, which makes up about 80 percent of our skin. Mostly women use collagen creams with the hope of looking younger and having more radiant skin.

As a person ages, we start to lose up to 30 percent of the collagen in our body, which then results in the developing of wrinkles and crow's feet and sagging of the skin. Collagen cream is one of the many cosmetic products that is used to help slow down aging, and may actually stop it from happening. The collagen cream usually includes anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and night creams.

These types of creams are said to strengthen the skin and put back in the body the lost collagen. According to scientists and experts, one molecule of collagen is actually too big to be absorbed by the skin, so the skin does not absorb most of the creams that contain collagen. They just normally sit on the skin's surfaces. So, when we wash our faces, the cream will automatically get washed too. That is why they created collagen skin cream, which has a combination of peptide proteins to actually help the body rebuild collagen. A type of collagen face cream that is said to be effective is an anti-wrinkle cream. This type of cream is said to stop the wrinkles from developing, which occurs as a person starts to age, or when a person is exposed to too much to sun.

These collagen facial creams can contain retinol and hydroxy acids to lessen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Although these anti-wrinkle creams haven't been exactly proven to actually prevent the development of wrinkles, what they can do is lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Anti-aging cream is another type of collagen cream that is in demand nowadays. These creams are supposed to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles that develop during aging, and actually increase the radiance of the skin.

Other types of collagen facial cream that people use to fight the battle of wrinkles and crow's feet is the night cream and the collagen eye cream. Scientists believe that when a person is sleeping, the body's natural collagen restores itself, which makes it the most effective time to treat wrinkles. These types of creams also increase the moisture content in our skin, which increases the firmness of the skin.

All of these collagen facial creams that are out in the market are used mainly for our faces and have the same objectives, that is, to stop or prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles as a result of aging and excessive exposure to sun. Collagen helps revive the elasticity that is lost when a person starts to age.

To sum it up, collagen creams are just here to help us slow down the signs of aging. There is actually no stopping our body to naturally undergo the aging process. There are known side effects to using these collagen creams like the plumping of the skin and the possibility that our body will reject the creams that we apply on our skin, which will then mean that we won't be getting the result that we really want. Financially speaking, these collagen facial creams can be actually expensive, hurting your pockets and wallets. However, over time the prices of the creams have dropped to some degree and will drop further in the future. Usually if an expensive cream has been developed someone will come along and develop a less expensive affordable cream that you can purchase at your health food store, drugstore or on-line. You just have to look for them.

There are a lot of things you can do to halt the march of time on your face and body. It is usually something as simple as getting back to basics. It is recommended that living a healthy lifestyle should include a daily dose of regular exercise. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, because water is a good way to hydrate our body. Also, eating a diet composed of natural unprocessed whole foods should be part of your anti-aging plan. These foods can actually be absorbed into your body and used by your body and won't cause fat to be put on.

It still best to fight aging the natural way, rather than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on these facial creams. If you really want to get some results then try the lifestyle changes along with the cremes. You will probably notice a difference. Celebrities do all the above and a lot of them look really young and healthy for their ages compared to the average person.

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