Playstation 3, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, Sony PSP: Can they survive online gaming?

Is video gaming going to the cloud?

Have you played Collapse or Collapse II? Is this type of game, with its combination of new and retro styles all that revolutionary? We have seen cool new games with bricks and bombs for years. Or is it the model of online gaming that gives smart phones and tablets their "killer app"?

So let me ask the obvious question about the popular gaming systems like Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo, Sony PSP: Can they survive online gaming? 

Does GameHouse, the maker of Collapse, Super Collapse!, and Super Collapse II and 3,Collapse Online Gaming know something we don't? Is the popularity of online gaming a precursor to the end of home systems?  Is cloud computing a trend that will sweep gaming as well?

In the last few years, when the crush of recent smart phones were released, handheld gaming made a serious leap forward. But with updates to the wireless networks, cell phone towers, and general spectrum infrastructure, the leading smart phone and tablet platforms realized that online gaming is still a viable model. Users would not be required to simply buy a gaming device and carry it with them, or even be obligated to purchase gaming apps for their smart phones. Online gaming may be now finally looking for its real tipping point.

To be sure, there are college students all across our nation who wish "video game player", or gamer, was a possible choice as a major. There IS widespread acknowledgement that gamers are a social and cultural force in our society, and that they have developed a number of skills that are not easily dismissed. The hand eye coordination, multi-tasking, and processes involved in remembering and navigating the various levels of a task, even when starting over, are all valued in the workforce. Jobs in design, multimedia, tech, programming, and the military have always been open to those who balance these skills with more traditional training and education.


In rapidly developing countries like China, gaming has been exploding in popularity for the last several years. Games like Collapse are the principal model because internet access is relatively cheap at internet and cyber cafes, but personal gaming systems are too expensive for the average young Chinese person. 

Online gaming is also a green, eco, environmentally friendly choice. If we move fully to gaming online, the home gaming systems will not become obsolete in a couple years and find their way into a landfill. Rather online games like Collapse and Collapse II will simply come and go and change in popularity from the push of social media, and end-users (gamers) will access the games on any current device they have. 

So it doesn't matter if you play online, download the game, the app, play on your smartphone or tablet or have a gaming system at home-- just know that you are in the middle of a rapidly changing environment. Think of that the next time you play Collapse, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Tetris, Words with Friends, Zuma or Mahjong.