When you are looking for something which will always recycle, one of the things which can come to mind is a collapsible water bottle. Hydration is, of course, important for everyone. Because our body consists for two third out of water, keeping the fluids going is important as well.

Since a couple of years the water bottles came in. Somehow, people started carrying them around, increasing the water intake massively, but increasing their carbon footprint as well.

Water Bottles with Logo - The problem?

One of the problems when it comes to the carbon footprint is water bottles have become a promotional strategy. You see a lot of water bottles with a logo today and companies just give them around, so people will drink something out of bottle with their name on it.

Getting a new bottle every time is a big problem, most of all because it isn't necessary at all. The tap water in most of the civilized countries is very well to drink, so refilling is a way better tactic than getting a new bottle every day. Why?

Because if you are drinking water from a 'natural source' or something similar, you are drinking water which is bottled far away. So trucks had to carry the bottles all the way to a plant where they put the logos of your company on, ship them to the place you live and now you can finally start drinking it. Do you know the trucks are not even half full with water bottles? Just because the weight is too high. Highly ineffective!

Reusable Water Bottles - The solution?

There are a lot of reusable water bottles out there.

Camelbak Water BottleCredit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0019DCD7U/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=infobarrel0a7-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0019DCD7UCamelbak Water Bottle

The Camelbak Water Bottles are probably the most famous bottles out in the wild, when it comes to reusables. Most of all because of its durability, but probably also because of the design, as they look very nice.

These are definitely reusable, dish washing machine resistant and might be the best water bottle actually.

The downfall? You actually have to pay for them and they don't have the nonchalant look of a plastic water bottle.

Glass Water Bottles

Finding other ways to create your bottle is fun as well of course. I remember buying orange juice, which came in a glass bottle. So I washed the glass and started using it as my water bottle.

As glass is very good recyclable this is of course a great option, but it is kind of high risk, because when it breaks in your bag you will have a problem of course.

 Collapsible Water Bottle

The best solution I would go for is carrying at least a collapsible water bottle. So you can have your plastic, good looking bottle, but you have something for the environment as well. Why? Because the possibility to collapse it stands for more. You can actually make it as small as possible and put it in the plastic recycle bin. Because you are able to collapse it you will be reminded of the fact you need to recycle this, instead of just throwing away. And that is the beauty of a collapsible water bottle.