There are many different types of choices of everyday items that can double quite nicely as decorative features to be displayed throughout the home. Old stoneware jugs were originally created as the primary storage piece for containing and serving liquids such as milk, water, cider and juice. During the prohibition years and beyond they were used as the containers in which moonshine liquor was stored and aged. It is through this notoriety that they became popular and these days have become quite popularly collected, particularly the antique moonshine jugs.

Stoneware is a type of pottery that has been fired at very high temperatures and this has given them great durability as well as making them particularly watertight. We are used to the antique moonshine jugs appearing with a dark brown glaze on the upper part of the jug with a light glaze below. They were a common sight in households during the early and mid 20th century with one able to be found in virtually every kitchen in the country.

They are now regarded very highly by pottery collectors and many of them have rich histories, particularly the Ohio stoneware jugs and Kentucky stoneware jugs that were used for the storage of whiskey. Whiskey makers regularly used these jugs and they can be found today bearing the imprint of the various distilleries around the country.

Although there are many valuable stoneware whiskey jugs available for sale through antique stores and from online sellers, newcomers to the hobby should be aware that fake antique stoneware jugs exist. If you are just starting out with a collection it is advisable to only purchase jugs that you truly like the look of and buy them for their decorative appeal rather than for any plans for resale. As you start to understand the differences between various types of pottery based on the manufacturers and know exactly what you are buying you can start to buy pottery pieces that may have investment value. As long as your own tastes have been catered for, that is what counts in the end.

There are many plain and inscribed stoneware jugs available from pottery and antique stores. They are available in a variety of sizes from quarter gallon to 2 gallon and larger. You might like to use them when serving drinks at the table or you might simply prefer to have them decorating an area of the room. From mini jugs to the very large crocks, they will all make a big impression in the house.