Disney cartoon postage stamps

Of all the stamps in my collection I have a great fondness for my Walt Disney cartoon character postage stamps. Young stamp collectors start off with a stamp album that will have pages dedicated to each country’s stamps. This approach works very well but only up to a point as you will find that you will have dozens upon dozens of stamps from your own home country and perhaps only a handful (or none at all) for many other countries. Your album page that has been allocated for your own stamps of US, Canada, UK, Australia or wherever area you live in will soon become chock-a-block with stamps. Your home page necessarily overflows onto lesser used pages.

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Postage stamp albums

USPS Disney StampsA far better way to collect postage stamps is to buy a blank album or even a scrap book and then label your own pages to suit your stamps. When I had a large collection available I decided to do just that and my very first themed selection was of cartoon characters on Disney stamps.

They are so beautiful (see USPS Disney stamp issues below) and are usually brightly colored with happy images of the best known cartoon characters like the Disney Pixar stamp shown. The most famous and most reproduced character on postage stamps worldwide is Mickey Mouse whose stamp count exceeds the 1000 mark. A gift of a Disney postage stamp album can be the catalyst to get kids collecting postage stamps as a hobby. In time, you will require a nice book or an album as a means of storing your favorite stamps. 

Stamp Collection Albums are available from Amazon who have a huge selection ranging from as little as $5 to $18 for a top quality stamp album. You may browse the albums using the link.

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Themed postage stamps

Disney Pixar postage stamp from USPSYour chosen theme might feature Canadian postal stamps or multi country stamps all featuring a means of transport or perhaps a collection with nature as its main subject. I have many such collections and when you have collected stamps for many years it is no longer sufficient to just sort stamps by country alone, although many philatelists collect only USPS or only Royal Mail stamps, but the choice is completely your own as to how you categorise your stamp collection.

Movies and movie stars feature greatly on new stamps and several countries have issued magical postage stamps featuring movie characters such as Hary Potter, Dumbledore and Gandalf as well as some of the baddies too. 

Beautiful Disney cartoon postage stamps

USPS Disney Stamps

Countries that have issued stamps featuring Disney characters

Canadian Post featured a Winnie the Pooh postage stamp over 12 years ago as did Taiwan in more recent times. Antigua, Gambia and St. Vincent have always been prolific issuers of Disney postal stamps. Apart from those featured above which were issued by the home of Disney, namely the USA mail, known as the United States Postal Service (USPS) a selection was issued by Portugal in 2001 and this stamp set featured many of the favourite Disney ccharacters. 

Latest Pixar postage forever issued

Yet more Disney issuers

Disneys Pixar new selectionCredit: USPS

The great Walt Disney himself has been featured on postage stamps as the United States honored him with a lovely stamp some 50 years ago. The stamp had Walt surrounded by his most famous cartoons creations including Mickey Mouse which makes it a collectible cartoon stamp despite the human inclusion of the creator himself.

Apart from the expected Mickey Mouse postage stamp, Portugal issued all the duck stamps featuring  Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and of course Huey, Louie and Dewey. Also in the Portuguese collectible set were Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy. Uganda and some of the islands in the Caribbean are also prolific issuers of Disney sets. Belgium, Bulgaria and  Hong Kong are 3 more that have Disney stamps issued but the list of counties is endless and I wish potential collectors the best of luck in their endeavors to collect every Disney stamp issued as it is a nigh on impossible task (but a very enjoyable search).