If you are thinking of buying collectible dolls, here is a list to help you start off. You must first know the types available to you as a collector. While it may seem new to you, this hobby has become popular over the past few years where more and more people are opting for doll-collecting instead of the usual stamps and coins. What used to be a children's toy has now become a hobby that people including adults can relate to. The collectible dolls market has grown quite significantly due to the increased demand for them among hobbyists. To help you in your quest for collecting, here are some of the most popular series available on the market:

1. Marie Osmond Collectible Dolls

The Marie Osmond collectible series is created by Marie Osmond herself, who is also an avid collector. Besides being an actress and singer, she went into this industry because she is passionate about doll collecting. Her creations are mostly made of porcelain painted with high quality paint together with fashionable clothing. Some of the famous types include the 'Olive May', which is named after her mother, the 'Gift of Love', the 'Summer Romance' and also the Tiny Tot range.

2. Madame Alexander Collectible Dolls

Madame Alexander is another famous designer who bases her creations on characters from well known motion pictures. Some of the popular designs are characters from the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and the Favourite Friends Collection. An interesting series to look out from her is the International range, which showcases dolls from different countries. You would be able to find a Japanese Samurai in this collection. Being a popular name in the industry, this collection is highly sought after by people all around the world.

3. Lee Middleton Collectible Dolls

Lee Middleton-Urick was the designer and creator of these collectible dolls. From the website, she notes that she first sculpted her first doll to look like her children. Not before long, she started sculpting for other people due to the popularity of her creations passed via word of mouth. She has a limited edition range which is hand numbered specially for enthusiasts. This limited edition feature creates a high appreciating value for the doll due to its rarity. Newborn Nursery and Middleton Playbabies are some of the newer ranges available.

4. Avon Collectible Dolls

Avon collectible dolls are exclusively designed and made for Avon. The Avon porcelain series is one of the most popular in the series, attracting thousands of collectors. Although they are marketed exclusively through Avon, you can actually buy them on eBay from other people. There is a wide range of selection for you to choose from, depending on the model and year of make that you want to collect. To ensure that you are buying a genuine item, you can check for the Avon Fine Collectible Logo on their dolls.

5. Robert Tonner Collectible Dolls

This range is created and manufactured by one of the most successful doll manufacturers in the world, the TonnerDoll Company. They offer a wide selection, from classic characters to the high fashion end. Some of the notable lines which are popular among collectors are the Harry Potter range and the Pirates of the Caribbean range, both based on popular movies. You should definitely check them out if you are a movie fan because the similarity of the doll to the characters in the movie is simply astounding.

Handy Tips

To decide which collectible dolls to start with, you can also consult specialised magazines such as Giftbeat and Collector's Mart magazine, which will give you an idea about the pricing and its rarity. You can also hop onto the internet and participate in forums discussing about collectible dolls. It is likely that you would find like-minded people discussing about this special hobby who would be able to give you a lot of insights on how to begin.

Before buying your collectible dolls, find out their details and specifications to determine their quality. Are they painted with expressive emotions? Do the clothes fit them right? These are some of the questions you should ask the seller before buying form them. If you are buying one-of-a-kind collectible miniature dolls, you may also want to ask about their origins as it is not likely that you would be able to find the exact same doll anywhere else. Knowing the artist who created them would give you a fair idea about the price and also will also help you determine the value of your collectible dolls if you were to sell it next time as people would want to know the maker.

Also, beware of buying them second hand over the internet. There are some unscrupulous sellers who would sell you a fake doll for a hefty price. The best precaution to take is to buy only from reputable sellers.