Collectible Lunchboxes. If you love to collect for a hobby or business, and are looking for something new to collect that would not take up your whole house, then why not consider collecting lunchboxes?. Lunchboxes, come in all shapes and sizes, but the most collectible ones, are those rectangle metal ones from earlier days. Some came with a thermos as well, but those didn't usually stand up to the test of time, or us rough kids. But those lunch boxes did.

If you are old enough to remember the metal lunchboxes from the 50's and 60's with the comic of the day theme on them, you will probably be surprised to know that some of these are going for over 200.00 dollars! It is so hard to predict which items will bring in the money. I remember seeing loads of metal theme based lunchboxes when I was a kid. But my mom hated clutter, and the minute we were done with something it went out the door to charity or a hand me down to other relatives and friends.

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But if your family is not like that, and there are boxes in your home somewhere from your childhood, then this is where you now go digging in your basement, or your parents basement or your granny's basement, and see if you can find the lunchboxes from years ago. Sometimes you will come across other things that will spark memories, so make sure you have a day you can dedicate to "cleaning" out the basement and be ready for the emotional roller coaster!

If you do find old lunchboxes, do NOT use harsh cleaners on them, just clean them with a damp cloth, and hopefully they are in good condition. If its anything like my lunchboxes, we used to use them for target practice, and carrying all our treasures we found on the side of the road. Its amazing they survived that at all! Many kids used to use them for their collection of marbles (that is another collectible!), baseball cards, dolls, trinkets and more. You might actually find other things to collect while you are poking through the basement. Set them aside and check them out online to see if anyone is collecting them!

Lunchboxes are great for collecting, as they usually have a theme or characters for the era on the front of them, they are like a time capsule for TV shows, action hero's, music groups, and more. I had a Star Trek One, but it went years ago. These are definitely history, and for that reason, among many others, have become a great item to collect and display, and luckily, will not take up your entire house, (depending on how many you collect of course!).

Collectible Lunchboxes are a great investment, you can buy, trade and sell online or at collectible shows, and are also a great way to get into the hobby of collecting, as they are not super expensive for the later ones. You can source them out at antique shops, estate sales (this is a good spot), but be ready to rummage through boxes, or you can try online, where you can get them from all over the world. I once found a lunchbox in a re-use it store in a box with old stuffed animals, and it was full of those die cast cars. It was a good find. I sold the die cast cars online too for extra money.

The internet is a great place to start. This way, you will get to know prices, and whether that Partridge Family lunchbox, is worth top dollar yet. Right now, I have seen the Beatles lunchboxes, going for over 200.00 dollars and climbing.. so, take a look, and get to know your prices, and what lunchboxes would be good to search for.

A good way to find out prices, is actually through the biggest internet site for buying and selling anything, Ebay. If you put your lunchbox or any collectible in the search box, it will bring you pages of others that are for sale. This way you can see what price other vendors are asking for their collectible lunchboxes.

If you want to see what they actually sold for, you can click on advanced search, and then completed sales for your keyword, and you will see the actual sale. This is a great tool for getting to know prices. But don't stop there, go and look in antique shops, and collectible shops as well in your area.

Once you are educated on the prices of vintage collectible lunchboxes, you will know a good deal when you find one in an estate sale.. Also put the word out amongst your friends, family and co-workers, as they are out and about at garage sales. This way you can get a lot of ground covered in your search for collectible lunchboxes.

Have fun, and start collecting. It is a rewarding hobby, that will pay for itself, and if you are lucky and search for the right ones, will line your pockets with cash. This is a win win situation. A fun hobby and cash in your pocket.

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collecting lunch boxes is a great hobby and a way to make money from home. You can scan all the garage sales to find them.