If you are looking to buy collectible teapots, there are a number of things to consider. The size, designs, pattern and the quality all determine whether the teapot is worth collecting or not. The best ones to collect are those that are well designed and created in small numbers which will establish the value of your collection. This item has been increasingly popular among collectors, where they are opting to collect more unusual items compared to the common stamps and coins that we hear about. Before buying them, you should do some research as there are many types available for you to choose from.

What types of Collectible Teapots are available?

Collectible teapots come in various sizes and shapes. They can also come in different themes such as cartoon characters, figurines, animals and many others. Some collectors specialize in a certain theme while others collect from a wide range of themes. The level of detail put into them determines their price and value. For example, one with detailed Chinese engraving might cost you more compared to a plain colored one. Two of the more popular designs are the Tony Carter collectible teapots and the Richard Marquis collectible teapots.Garfield Collectible Teapots

Tony Carter

Hailed from England, these collectible teapots are handmade by staff who moulds and paints them. If you are in that area, you can drop by to watch and learn how craftsmen make them. They offer a wide selection for you to select from, such as the Christmas collection, the English Life collection, the One-Cup range and the ever famous Tony Carter Collection. Many of these designs touch on humorous themes and adaptation of real life situations. If you live outside the UK, do not worry. They also offer a shipping service so that you can get your teapot from them.

Richard Marquis

This range is a higher priced range available to serious collectors. Richard Marquis is known for his signature pots which are extremely rare. These collectible teapots are often made of high quality glass. One of the famous pots from him is the Black & White Check Blown Glass Teapot. However, you should expect to be paying a lot for his collection as they are one of a kind.

How do I Learn More about Collectible Teapots?

Being a fairly new hobby, there is quite little free information available on the internet about collectible teapots. However, there are other avenues to meet your information demands. You can easily find information from books specially written for collectors. These books about collectible teapots can be found on Amazon.com, which will guide you through the types available and also their price guides. I recommend that you get at least one book for yourself if you are venturing into this hobby as it will definitely help you identify unique tea sets. This small investment would help compliment your passion for collecting and help you establish a solid understanding about the various types of collectible teapots available in the market. Also, they would give you a rough idea about the price range that you should be willing to pay.

Where can I buy Collectible Teapots?

If you are looking to purchase collectible teapots, you can use the internet to help you with your search. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available online to help you in your search. Use all the resources that you can so that you get your hands on unusual or antique collectible teapots. Here are some places to help you start your search:

eBay.com - eBay is one of the most popular sites to hop on to find collectible teapots. Many other enthusiasts are using eBay to buy and sell their possessions. You can use it to locate a suitable one for yourself. Ensure that the seller packs the item properly as they might be broken from rough handling during shipping. It is still possible to find yourself a good deal on this site as there are sellers all around the world offering unique and rare collectible teapots.

Amazon.com - Another site to look is on the Amazon website. They are home to a wide selection of unique collectible teapots. Here, you can find many types available such as the Garfield teapot, a typewriter teapot and also a nightlight teapot. These designs will surely attract your attention and would be good pieces to collect. You may also find English collectible teapots on this site which are popular among hobbyists.

Other Websites - You might also be able to find some on smaller websites which might be selling them. The bigger sites may not have the type that you want, so by doing a Google search, it will help you in your search for sites which sell the particular type that you are looking for.

How do I Identify a Good Teapot to Buy?

Before buying to add to your existing collection, you should carefully examine it for chips and cracks. Some of the common places to look for these are inside the lid, on the rim of the teapot and underneath the spout. You would not want to end up with a damaged item because of your carelessness in checking its quality.

Other things to look out for are crazing, which are basically tiny cracks across the surface of the teapot. This usually occurs in used pots due to the heat exposure. Beware of crazing because it may lead to cracks or chipping. Also look out for hairline cracks as they might develop into larger cracks. These things will ruin the paint job on the pot and would certainly affect its value. When buying second hand collectible teapots, please ensure that you get high quality photographs of them to identify these sorts of problems.

Another thing to check is the manufacturer's marks on the collectible teapots. This will help you identify which are real and which are fakes. This is one thing to beware of when buying from other sellers online as they might cheat your money by selling you an imitation product for the original price. By reading up on the subject, you can minimize the risk of buying a fake item.