Collectible United States Coins (33520)

Collectible United States coins are now the most collected item in the world. The collector base for these coins lies on every continent and within every country on the face of the Earth. More and more people join the realm of numismatic collecting every day.

The reason for the increase in popularity is no accident. It's a factual occurrence that was directly caused by the Internet becoming a marketing tool for this kind of trade. More then half the trades taking place every day now are on line.

eBay and other auction sites for coins have sprung up like a garden full of bean sprouts. They don't seem to be going away and the prices realized at these sites has steadily increased over recent times.

Getting into the coin collecting world, whether as a hobby or for investment, there are a few areas of interest that should be focused on.

Below we'll walk through some points to ponder before spending your hard earned money.

Number 1

First things first, set a budget:

Now that you've decided to collect United States coins, there must be a limit to what we're willing to spend on the ultimate product. This means the finished collection. Setting your sights on a series should take into consideration the highest priced coins involved in completing that set.

In other words if you work in construction, like I do, then you probably shouldn't try to collect United States twenty dollar gold eagles. More available and less expensive issues, are a lot more fun to collect, as we don't have to continuously try to find funding for expensive varieties.

Once we've found a series or type set or year sets we'd like to complete and know we can afford to finish, we can begin to search for examples to fill the holes. If your an outdoors person or you travel a lot, you may have the opportunity to stop in many different coin shops along your travels and some great buys can be found this way.

Most people however will find searching eBay a lot quicker and can buy their first coin an hour after starting or even minutes. If we took United States Indian Head pennies, for example, and ran a search through eBay, over a million results will come back to tease every range of buyer.

Number 2

Choose A Series To Collect:

Every coin collector has a favorite coin within the United States mint's long production runs. Whether it's proof cents from modern times or early American coppers, making a choice and focusing on only that series is a good idea if you'd like to maximize your chances of completion. Loosing focus and trying to get a bunch of everything when the opportunity arrives will only distract from the budget you set for this collection.

Number 3

The Most Expensive Coin First:

Getting the most expensive variety you have within your chosen set will make the rest easier. In fact, if you work down the list from the most expensive issue to the least expensive your hobby will become more and more fun as acquisitions become a more common occurrence.

The negative of running your list the other way from the cheapest to the most expensive is the expenditures become more and more as time goes on and the value of the set becomes closer to what we paid as time goes on.

Number 4

Know Your Realm:

Make sure to spend the time on researching the type of coins you've decided to collect. Get a couple of books that specifically deal with your area. Learn all you can before you begin to purchase anything.

The world of coin collecting is priced not only by the value of the example in question, but unfortunately by the knowledge that's exhibited by the buyer and seller to each other. He who knows most, usually fares best.

Number 5

Match Your Coins:

Make sure that no matter what your grade is, that all coins within the set make this grade. Color matching, is also an important factor. If all of your large cents are red brown and you have one red coin, it doesn't necessarily make the set look better, it can make all the rest look worse.

Finally in the end, make sure you have fun. These items are all a part of a great county's longevity and survival, in some economically troubled times. If you look into any series, what will emerge, is a story around the times the coin was used. Collectible United States coins can tell a story. A story that will take you back into the country's past.

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