I have a soft spot for teapots!

Are you still trying to figure out what to collect? You would like to start some kind of collecting business, or you just want to collect for a hobby and to relieve stress, but either way you just don't know where to start, or where to find these collectibles.

Start by taking a relaxing day, and go window shopping. Find the antique stores, the collectible stores, the estate sales, and especially the garage sales.

Just do some browsing, keep your mind open, and see what sparks your interest. The first time you stop and take a second look at something, it is already talking to you!

If you pick it up, and find it interesting, then put it down and wander around a bit more. If you feel yourself coming back to it, then your collecting hobby or business just picked you!

I really do feel that the items you collect pick you.. why else would you just suddenly pick it up?

I found out I loved tea pots this way. I tried to fight it, because at the time I was a teenager, and when all my friends were looking at beautiful antique jewelry, in gold and silver, with big price tags, I was looking at the ugliest looking tea pot you can imagine!

My friends accused me of being "domestic" I quickly put it down, and off we went to do some more shopping. Some of these friends still like to collect and purchase beautiful antique jewelry, and either wear them the way they are, or rework them into a unique piece of art they can wear or sell for extra money.

But me, I still love those tea pots. Every time I am out and about, especially at garage sales, and I see some gaudy wild tea pot, I have to look at it, and finally one day when a vendor at a garage sale said "please just take it, I am not putting it back in my house" I had no choice, but to bring my treasure home.

So, I brought it home, and my hubby goes "we already have a tea pot" and I said, this is for show not to use.. He stared at this ugly tea pot, and said "where?". But I was hooked.

Then I found out my grandma had loved to collect tea pots, but because of her small apartment, she refused to buy any.. Now I have a top shelf of a wall unit lined up with silly tea pots, that I have to dust every week, but I LOVE them. I got a Garfield teapot that is really cute, that my brother found for me.

That is the next problem, once your family and friends find out what you love to collect, that is what you are getting for the next birthday or Christmas for life!

Now if you are going to buy, trade or sell your collectibles, then this is a good thing! Try not to get too attached to your treasures, if you are trying to sell them for a business. I can't part with any of my tea pots!

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