Antique fishing lures can be extremely collectible, valuable, and very difficult to find and are among the most frequently collected items in the world of antiques.  Lure and tackle collecting has carried on growing over the years until currently and has come to be a very popular hobby with many enthusiasts.

Tackle collecting is not restricted to lures, rods, and reels but nearly anything to do with fishing in general. A collection of old fishing tackle can and often does get out of hand and many collectors dedicate entire rooms or cellars to housing and exhibiting their wide ranging, ever increasing collections.

These fishing lures can be made of wood, plastic, rubber, metal, cork, and materials like feathers, animal hair, string, tinsel and others. The creek chub, or weed bug, was made during the 1920s or 1930s of painted wood. A wonderful specimen of the creek chub variety thats still in a really good condition not too long ago sold for $461. New style fishing lures are made to look like live bait, imitating the wriggling action that draws in the fish, and they have a very stylish, smooth look about them.

Collecting vintage lures can be divided in two areas, those that are discovered in garage sales, antique shops etc, and high end collectible lures. This type of hobby is a rapidly growing trend in America and is comparable to stamp, coin and card collection. Collecting vintage lures for pleasure or for profit is a fun pastime that many have turned into a fulltime job!

Old fishing lures is a bit of a standard term, but generally any lure that is made by one of the many founding fishing companies may be regarded as old or antique, rare or collectable.

Vintage lures can be extremely collectible, precious, and hard to find.  If you have an old container in the garage or maybe down in the cellar, get it out now and check for some of these extremely scattered and much sought after vintage gems.  Antique fishing lures almost certainly sounds just like something from a movie or out of your Grandads cellar, But these things are also collector's items and can be found here and now.  Some enthusiasts still use them for fishing right up to this day preferring them to the modern lures.