Creating a Boat Themed Coin Collection is Educational and Fun

Learn about ships and boats of the world and why they are important

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The Blue Nose

Start your own navy on coins as an enjoyable inexpensive activity you can do with your children.   A topical coin collection covering ships, boats, canoes, and anything else that floats will provide hours of enjoyment to you and your child as they discover both different types of money and the boats that nations around the world consider important.

Coin collecting is also a very educational hobby. Children learn history, geography and politics as they research the coins in their coin collection.  Most countries in the world rely heavily on trade over the ocean and while plane travel has made it easier to move people faster, boats are still absolutely critical to move everything from oil to toys to wheat over long distances.  

To learn more about topical coin collecting, follow these easy steps to get started building out a Coin Navy.  The collecting principles can also be applied to collecting items depicting animals, birds, fish, buildings, bridges, or any other theme. 

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Difficulty:  Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • 2X2 Coin Flips
  • Plastic Pages to organize coin flips
  • Binder to organize the pages
  • Coins
  • A world coin book (optional)
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      A Coin Ship Collection

      Acquire Coins from your home country and from around the world. Your Coin Navy can quickly cover many types of watercraft from many different periods. Possible coin sources include:

      ~~Your local bank. In the USA the State Quarters series includes a number of coins featuring ships. You can also include the Ocean in View and Lewis and Clark Boat Nickels. Canadian dimes featuring the Bluenose may be found sometimes in American dime rolls.

      ~~Your local coin dealer will have a box of international coins. Pick through the box to find coins for your navy. These will cost a few cents each, keeping things affordable.

      ~~Online suppliers. Some online sources offer coins sorted by theme including watercraft. You might also buy bulk international coin lots and sort out the ones you need for your coin navy. The balance can be held for other collections or resold.

      ~~Travels by yourself or friends. Find out what ships are featured on each countries coins and then be alert for friends that might go to that country to visit. Amazon is a helpful resource for coin books.

      ~~Coin clubs are a good place to trade for coins. Either join a local coin club or try trading with other collectors in online forums dedicated to coins. is forum to reference.

      ~~ebay and other online sources are good places to hunt down specific or uncirculated coins to add to the Coin Navy

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      Silver Coin with Ship

      Place your Coin Navy collection in 2X2 coin holders (designed for various sized coins). Label the holders with information about the boat you researched. This will make the coin collection much more interesting and educational. If your kids are building the collection, get them to research a coin or two a day on the internet and then report what they learned.

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      Another Ship Coin

      Organize your Coin Navy. You can organize by type of boat or you might prefer to organize the coins by country. Whatever you want to do is fine because you are the Coin Admiral. As your collection grows you can reorganize and further categorize by rearranging your coin flips.