If you have been thinking about building a collection of American gold or silver coins, you don't want to overlook the most widely collected coin type in the history of the United States - The Silver Dollar.

An interesting part of our American heritage, the United States has minted dollar coins, for the most part, since 1794. The coins have been made of a wide variety of materials including zinc, copper, nickel, brass, gold, and of course silver. Without a doubt, silver dollars are the most popular of all the dollar coin types, collected for generations by both the average coin collector, as well as experienced buyers and even precious metals investors. If you happen to be just starting out in the area of collecting, you may find that collecting silver dollars is a good place to begin building a collection of U.S. coins.

For well over two-hundred years, the silver dollar has been at the forefron of the American financial system. Since it's early beginnings of the Flowing Hair and Bust Dollars all the way up until the final issues were produced during the nineteen-thirties, the production as well as circulation of the coins was silver dollars was for the most part an uneven process. No silver dollars saw production between the years of 1804 and the middle part of the 1830s. While frequently produced within the decades that followed, circulation was quite restricted and most remained held in bank vaults. This was especially the case with Morgan Silver Dollars that were manufactured within the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Regardless of the infrequent production schedule of these classic American coins, their popularity has always remained strong with both novice and experienced collectors alike. The Morgan Dollar in particular has long been referred to as the King of United States coins. What makes this silver coin so special? There are a wide number of reasons, but it would be safe to say that it's colorful history, attractive design, numerous mint locations, large coin size and the longevity of it's production run all come together to make it the most popular dollar coin in American history.

In general, collecting Silver Dollars can offer hobbyists quite a challenge, with so many rarities and mint variations it may take you an entire lifetime to finaly complete a complete collection. For anyone that is game, getting involved in this unique pastime can represent the beginnings of a rewarding and exciting journey that can can be shared by many generations.