For the beginning stamp collector, collecting any stamps on the mail that comes into the home is a wonderful way to start. This is a great place to start due to the fact that it has little to no cost, and, depending on your geographical location, can offer you a wide variety of stamps. One of the biggest reasons for becoming a stamp collector is the historic knowledge you will gain and preserve. Not only can stamps show a story, if collected in the right way, but they can also give insights to viewers about the history of the region where they came from. One time when this was especially true was during the Second World War. During this time the opposing sides use the stamps to provide misinformation, while the United States used them to promote support the country and those fighting for it and to preserve the memory of the war.

There are some people who collect stamps simply for the artwork that is on each stamp. These collectors call this collecting the stamps for their ink. There are many stamps that have been produced that truly touch a person's heart. Similar to this, there are some stamp collections that focus on the specific image on the stamp. Collectors may collect stamps that have pictures of presidents, birds, aerospace devices, flower, etc.

There are still other stamp collectors who focus their collection efforts on odd or rare stamps. Not only do these stamps come in a large variety of designs and styles, but they can also come from anywhere on the globe. Stamps come in a large variety of shapes and sized. You can find stamps that are round to those that are triangular. You can even find stamps that have incorrect information printed on them. One example of this would be the stamp that has the image of Christopher Columbus finding the 'new world' by looking through his telescope. If you think about it, you will realize that the telescope was not invented for at least 100 years after Christopher Columbus discovered America. You can also find true misprints, like when a stamp is printed upside down and still issued. Once the mistake is realized, these stamps skyrocket in value because of the misprint.

Yet another reason people collect stamps is to gather a complete stamp collection of First Day Stamps and Covers. As you get into Stamp collecting, you will become familiar with what the United States Postal Services claims:

- Each year the U.S. Postal Service will hold first-day-of issue ceremonies. These ceremonies will preserve the first day of each new commemorative postage stamp.

- Usually these ceremonies will be provided for free and will be open to the public. - Each of these events are bight and are focused on highlighting what is featured on the new stamp design. - A Postal Service representative controls the ceremony to dedicate the stamp. He/She is usually joined by community leaders, experts in the subject area on the stamp, family members and friends of the person who is being honored, and sometimes, even, celebrities. - It is important to understand that the dates and locations of these ceremonies are subject to change.