Lego and Star Wars, one of the greatest toy combinations of all time! The most popular toy ever twinned with the brilliance of the Star Wars films was only ever going to be a massive success. So what do you need to know if you want to begin collecting Lego Star Wars toys?

Star Wars Lego toys have now been sold for over a decade, so there's plenty to collect. The last two years have seen a huge release schedule for new Star Wars sets. Consider first what exactly you would like to collect. If you are buying/collecting for a child, chances are they will want to see the kits in action, will want to have the pleasure of building and playing with them. If you are an older fan (and there are plenty!), you may be interested in collecting sets mint in sealed boxes, or may be mainly interested in building a collection of mini-figures.

The majority of the value of Lego Star Wars toys is in the mini-figures. It isn't difficult to see why either. They look fantastic and Lego really do do a superb job with their mini-figures. Some mini-figures go on to become worth many times what the original set was bought for at retail, and this adds to the attraction of collecting Lego Star Wars figures.

Most mini-figures are packaged in boxed sets with vehicles or ships. Sets can range from small size with just 50 or 60 pieces to extremely large with over 5000 pieces. Sets are released and sold for a certain period of time, mostly around two years, and then disappear from the shelves altogether. This is when they can increase in value and then are generally only available on online auction sites such as Ebay.

Building a good collection of Lego Star Wars toys can be a fun hobby but not always cheap. Older deleted sets which are only available on the secondary market can sell for big money.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide, try obtaining the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary, available at such places as Amazon. With so many figures and sets available, it can help to identify what you need or what specific items you would like to collect.

To gain knowledge on pricing, try watching how much items sell for online. This will give you a good idea of the most valuable and sort after sets and figures. Sets can be parted, so that pieces can be sold off separately if they are not wanted. You will see many sets being split up from new and sold online to make the most of the value of the mini-figures.

Many of the most popular sets are the ones which include the most or rarest mini-figures. A realatively cheap set containing upto ten mini-figures is more likely to sell out quickly than a larger set with less figures which is more expensive.

When buying second hand sets or figures, try and obtain items in the best possible condition as they are much more likely to retain a higher value than toys that have signs of playwear and pieces missing. Mint is best!

Hopefully you will have found this short beginners guide to collecting Lego Star Wars toys useful!