We are all familiar with that time of year, the time when girl scouts have cookie stands set up, and the time of year that the boy scouts sell popcorn. Some of us order many boxes of each in order to help the girls and boys receive their merit badges. These badges are very important to them. They resemble skills and tasks completed and also of the lessons learned upon completion of the task. They do not only receive badges or patches for selling food, but they too perform tasks of community service, helping out in specific events, etc. Many of us, even today, look back on those patches adorned on our sashes or on our shirts and think of all of the pride we had for doing so well in our selected tasks and endeavors. Just like the boy and girl scouts of America, our men and women adorned in military uniforms too receive patches of merit and accomplishments.

Throughout history, and still today, the men and women of our armed forces receive patches to commemorate their entry into a specific unit within their chosen branch. With that earned patch though come many responsibilities and tasks to uphold the honor of wearing the patch. One of the most notable patches adorned on the uniforms of our heroes is the American Flag patch. As it is worn, it gives the impression that it is waving from the camouflage uniform as the wearer moves forward. The American flag patch however is not the only patch that our military takes pride in wearing. Many of our nation's finest men and women have patches that embody their skilled marksmanship, any deployments they have been on as well as their ability to meet and exceed rigorous standards in their military occupational specialty. For some, they are just patches, but to those that wear them, they have a much deeper meaning.

Each patch adorned on a uniform, camouflage or dress, has a story behind it. If it is a patch of insignia, it is not only a materialistic patch, but it resembles the Soldier's, Marine's, Sailor's, Airman's and Coastie's embarking on a new way of life and the entering of a new family, gaining and becoming a brother or sister in arms. If it is a patch that was received upon a completed deployment during a time of war, following suit may be stories about life in their living quarters overseas, or maybe even a time perhaps of saving a comrade's life.

Some of our nation's citizens have become collectors of these patches. Maybe they have purchased them or maybe they are patches that have been passed down from generation to generation making a segue for the further knowledge and collecting of many more patches from our America's military history. Upon looking at a military patch, be it on the uniform of a veteran or a current hero, or displayed proudly in a glass case, know that not only does it have intricate detail, but it too has been through a journey and it is invaluable.

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