Collecting Obsolete US Coins

Collecting obsolete US coins has now become a global hobby. The popularity and subsequent rise in collector base has come from the communication increase provided by the Internet. It's now possible to collect US coins from anywhere in the world.

In the past, coins were mostly acquired from local coin stores, or the very few numismatic companies that delivered examples to collectors through the mail order catalogue method.

The US mint was another source for newer issues. Enthusiasts were limited by their travel capabilities and the limited number of opportunities that presented themselves to improve their collections.

Today, we see a multitude of auction sites like eBay sitting right in front of any online user surfing the web. The amount of product now available on a global front has brought the hobby of collecting US coins to the rest of the world and they have taken to it pretty fast.

High grade examples for key date US coins have all but disappeared from the market. Semi key dates can be watched for price rises pretty much on a daily basis. A lot of collectors are going to soon be priced completely out of the market for certain issues. Filling collections will become impossible at any price eventually as certain key dates become unavailable.

When this starts to occur, the savvy US coin collector will be in place to make a killing. The price will be whatever the holder wants. Every US coin out there today has many, many people trying to fill a set. All it takes is research to find out what the next rarity will be.

Research into any series of US coin can be done right on eBay. Just punch the coin in question into their search box and you will get a multitude of returns both past and ongoing for the item your researching.

Spend a little time watching these auctions and you will know what the prices are that the coin will support. Historical data can be looked at against current data to discover trends in the market and in turn good places to invest.

Focus is a good thing to develop when collecting these items. Get a good grasp on the US Mint reports for the series you have an interest in and look them up at PCGS for their population report. You'll be able to access numbers like how many are thought to exist and the condition census for the finest known. All of this information will help to figure out how much you can pay for a coin and make a profit when you sell.

Following trends will let you know what series is about to make a move. Which coins are disappearing the fastest from the market. This is a very important factor when trying to make sure our set will be worth what it takes to put it together. The best part about collecting coins is that it can also be a profitable venture.

Mistakes can however be made and they can be very costly. Cleaned coins can deceive even an avid collector. They usually hold little or no value once they have been cleaned. Spotting a cleaned coin as opposed to an original uncleaned, uncirculated coin can be a very difficult task so learning this procedure is recommended if you're buying high priced United States coins.

Silver prices and gold prices today are extremely high and the common date coins using these metals are all overpriced right now. Copper coins such as large cents and small cents, half cents, two cent pieces, are all good areas right now to invest in.

This area of US coins are some of the earliest coins minted in the United States and are still available in surprising numbers. Getting a collection of large cents can be a very financially rewarding collecting venture.

Just having a year set of any type of large cents will return a profit because the set is completed. Finding all these coins in one location presents a great opportunity to the investor that wants to put a set away for their future.

Collectible obsolete United States coins are something that can be bought and treasured for years to come. They make great gifts if you know someone that is into this hobby. The United States Mint has a whole slew of new collector editions that come out each year.

Price ranges exist for all, from new proof cents to proof gold eagles. commemorative pieces depicting presidents or famous statesmen. Proofs that highlight the National parks and monuments. Something can be found for everyone be they collector or patriot.

Collecting obsolete US coins is the number one hobby in the collecting world and getting on board now could keep you from missing the boat so to speak. They sure aren't making any more of these and more people want the ones that exist every day.