Collecting United States Coins

Collecting United States coins has for quite sometime had the honor of compelling the largest collector base in the world to avidly seek out it's surviving numismatic rarities. Many varieties of United States obsolete coins form a large part of investor portfolios today.

The values for these items has escalated recently and, over time, they have always appreciated at a steady pace. This has shown to investors over time that purchasing these rarities is not only a great hobby but an excellent financial tool given the right information.

Researching historical sales data can give you a good idea of the huge potential for profit. Coins can be purchased in garage sales and flea markets, classified ads in your local newspaper may yield some results. Absolutely everyone has some odd coins or tokens they threw in a jar over the years. Some of these weird looking old coins are worth millions.

eBay offers both a chance to purchase many rare issues and a place to perform great research on any variety of US coin. There is statistical data that can be searched to see past auctions and what the coins sold for. This information can be very valuable to help you know what may be offered for any coins you may purchase or already own, should you wish to sell.

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Mintage numbers can be found in Yeoman's Red Book of US Coins. This book is readily available.

All issues from the united states mint are listed within this publication. One look through the beginning pages will astonish you as to how few coins were produced in the early years of the US Mint. These coins now carry prices in the six and seven figure range every day.

Having a numismatic interest from childhood to semi old age has brought hindsight to this collector and the only thing that comes to mind is "if I only knew then what I know now" so with that in mind I am leaning toward the low mintage copper large cents and half cents to be the next big move in the numismatic market from this country.

Following the first coins minted in 1793 both the large cent and the half cent series were produced in large enough volume to still be available and at an affordable price. Some having mintage numbers only in the tens of thousands, will soon be like looking for a needle in a haystack relatively speaking with some of the later issues.

United States coin collecting is a great hobby. The youth of the world collect wheat cents by the year and the investors collect United States large cents in uncirculated condition. One cost $0.20 cents and one cost 200,000 dollars. US coin collecting truly runs the financial gambit.

Some will collect brand new issues as they are released by the United States Mint and there is a collector club specifically set up for this by the federal government that authorizes limited edition collector coins. Some of these are made of silver and some are gold. They are all aimed at blending a historical and artistic combination to depict both present and past US life.

Collecting United States coins is a fun pastime for all who are involved mainly because your allowed to fit in where you want. A small amount of time and money or a huge investment and tons of research. There truly is something for everyone.

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