1817 United States Coronet Large Cent

Collecting United States coronet large cents will encompass the years 1816 through 1839, with all years in between represented.

Now a favorite with collectors due to high availability and modest prices compared with other areas of large cent collecting. It seems that lower grade examples are now starting to get scarce. This bodes well for the possible future rise in value for any coins you obtain now.

Deciding to collect coronet cents is becoming a fad in the numismatic world and as with other areas, the collector base is expanding rapidly. Getting in now is still a possibility without being King Midas. Basic collections are being completed daily so the window to get in on these early American coppers is limited.

This series has almost no key date. There are semi keys that will cost more then some common varieties but nothing that will break the bank. This fact makes this design a very attractive coin to collect.

Because this coin is so collectible, common thought on the issue is that relatively quickly collectors will find them harder to obtain. The Internet is here and it's here to stay. Unfortunately for United States coin collectors the amount of coins available will soon trickle down to nothing as fine examples are sucked up at a maddening pace by Joe Public.

Customers using the Internet are swallowing the current supply at an alarming rate. Soon they will go the way of their predecessors and disappear completely. At that time filling a set will be left once again to the elite collector with unlimited financial capabilities.

At the present time, each year within this run is obtainable in lower grades for around thirty dollars each. How long that availability will prevail is not looking good.

This means that a complete year set of United States coronet head cents can be obtained for under $1,000. A very good investment that will appreciate the second the set is completed.

Several areas of coin collecting should be learned before buying any large cents. The interested collector should be certain to acquire some good solid knowledge of grading techniques for these coins. ANNACS has a great book for collectors that will teach them the basic principles to assign a grade and value a coin.

Also knowing when a coin has been cleaned or not is very important to price. A cleaned coin will be worth next to nothing unless is is an extreme rarity.

Taking care of any acquisitions with great care is recommended. These coins need to be protected whenever possible for future generations to enjoy.

There are several error variety coins within the coronet series. These include the rare 1839 over 6, 1820 over 19, 1826 over 5 and 1824 over 2.

All of these errors will demand a higher price at auction just because there is a large collector base for error coins. Add that to the already huge amount of large cent collectors and demand will set the price.

There are a few different 1834 varieties and one with large stars a large 8 in the date and medium letters, is a higher priced variety for this year. Few coins were struck with this die combination and hence the premium in price.

Collecting United States Coronet Large Cents is a fun and rewarding hobby for millions of collectors. The fact that only thousands of most examples exist makes it a very appealing investment as well as a great hobby.