Collecting United States Silver Coins

Collecting United States silver coins is something many of us older Americans can remember doing throughout childhood.

Filling holes in collector books or just filling a jar with the obsolete clanking examples that we found in our change.

Today these same little oddities are demanding high prices both for their intrinsic silver value and their numismatic collectible assets.

The price of the base metal has sky rocketed in recent times to to global financial instability and market crashes.

Currencies around the world are being devalued and the United States dollar is no exception. Precious metals have come back to the forefront of investing and for hedging against the inevitable upcoming inflation.

United States silver coins have always been collectible. Even as they were minted they were stocked away into hidden collections and left the market in great numbers.

Today two types of silver obsolete coins are collected. Investment coins that may be purchased in bulk and collector pieces that have become so rare that their numismatic value is much higher then the metal value of the coin.

Long term investors are looking for a stable return without too much risk. This can be accomplished by acquiring common date coins. Holding in line with current silver prices the appreciation on these coins will be slow and steady.

Short term acquisitions will be known rarities that can be found with discounted prices and turned for immediate resale at a profit. Key dates and semi key date coins are good for this type of investment.

Ultra key date coins or extreme rarities can be used for retirement investments and will come out for sale when we reach that rainy day we all save for.

This area of collecting is very popular today world wide. The Internet has brought many new collectors into the fold. The demand for this limited commodity has increased so dramatically that prices are soaring to records every day.

Getting in on the next key date can be easily accomplished by using the available research options that on line websites offer.

Start out with PCGS and you can get all the daily prices for United States coins. Get your new copy of the Red Book and check what's on the move. Knowing what's trending can make the difference in what you buy. If you find fifty coins of one type for sale on eBay for a dollar each then this is not a rarity keep looking.

Find a series that you like and learn all you can about the present market for this item. Learn how to grade the coins and get a general idea of what the selling prices are. The more you know the better off you'll end up in any deal you're making with a seller.

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