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If you love reading books and are into science fiction, you need a collection of science fiction book titles to keep you updated to what books are available for this genre. Science fiction is a very popular genre in fiction that deals with the imaginary but possible. For example, aliens, space travel, paranormal activities and abilities and even futuristic technology. It is similar to fantasy but differs in the sense that in science fiction, the imaginary elements are very much plausible in scientifically proven or claimed laws. In literature there have been many books written in this genre.

A lot of science fiction book titles are largely based on stories of people living in the possible future or other planets. And most of the times, the setting in the stories defy what is we know to be real. Science fiction novels are largely dependent on the suspension of disbelief which are explained to the readers by giving scientifically based explanations in some parts of the story.

The criteria for science fiction novels and literature include:

  • A story set in the future, alternative time setting or even in the past but opposes facts recognized in historical or archaeological records. One example of this would be Science fiction western stories that incorporate futuristic elements in a western-past setting.
  • A story set in outer space or a story that includes scenes done in outer space, for example space flight or in other galaxies and planets and even in subterranean earth.
  • A story which has aliens, androids, mutants or humanoid robots for characters.
  • A story in which there is futuristic technology involved, such as teleportation, shrink rays, ray guns, humanoid robots.
  • A story that contains ideas and scientific principles that contradicts or challenges established laws of nature such as wormholes, time travelling and travelling faster than the speed of light.
  • A story wherein the society has a different or new kind of political and social system.
  • A story that contains ideas such as paranormal activities. For example, teleportation, telepathy, mind control and telekinesis.
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A lot of us have probably dreamt about flying to the moon or exploring the outer space. And maybe it is because we have been influenced by stories we have read. There are many science fiction book titles about space exploration and such. A lot of writers and authors in the science fiction genre have influenced and led many people to think about making the impossible possible.

What is Science Fiction?


The Science Fiction genre has definitely come a long way ever since it was defined as “the branch of literature that is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings” by Isaac Asimov. This genre became very popular during the 70’s where many people began asking the question “What if?” What if this kind of world exists? What if aliens existed? What if there is another world similar to ours out there? This is the reason why Science Fiction was dubbed as a “Literature of Ideas”.

 A good science fiction story, just like most kinds of fiction, is mainly about people. It studies the conditions of the human being in a different environment or perhaps from an alien point of view. It has to be about humans so that people can relate to it. Or even if there are no humans in a science fiction story, it has to talk about robots, aliens and cyborgs through the human perspective.

Science fiction book titles often talk about contemporary issues. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these issues are about today’s headlines. The news today can quickly become old and boring. Instead, Science fiction novels deal with the “what ifs” of today.

A lot of science fiction book titles focus on stuff of the future, however there are some that are inspired by historical events. For example author Alan Dean Foster drew inspiration for writing his novel Cyber way from Navajo sand paintings.

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Probably the first person considered to be the most influential writer of the science fiction genre was Jules Verne. Even literary scholars agree that he is the person responsible for the genre of science fiction. His book De la terre a la lunne (1865) is about a group of scientists and engineers constructing a 900-ft cannon to fire a space capsule towards the moon. To this day, the book is considered to be quite accurate. Verne has also published other books about travelling to the moon and they have also become popular.

Some Great Science Fiction Books to Read to your Heart’s Content

There are so many wonderful books under the Science fiction genre and here are some of the best science fiction book titles that have been gathered from all over.

  • The Time Machine by H.G Wells—many consider this book as one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time. This is the first book to popularize the term “time machine”.
  • The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov—this series of novels include the “Robot” and “Empire” series still written by Asimov. In this novel Asimov, through his main character devised a concept called psychohistory.
  • 1984 by George Orwell—in this novel the World was divided into three groups of opposing forces: Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia. Some concepts introduced in the novel is the “Thought Police” an organization that can erase all records of you or your existence.
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley—this novel is set in the future where the kind of society is of dystopian in nature.
  • Fahrenheit 451—set in the future, this novel presents a world where books are not allowed and critical thinking is inhibited. People are kept entertained by in-the-ear radios and interactive television sets.


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The science fiction book list presented above is in no particular order. They are compiled to help those who loves reading about science fiction get to know more books written in this genre. These are just some of the books that fans of the sci-fi genre read and are sure to recommend to any budding sci-fi enthusiast.