The world of collector Barbie dolls is one of amazing outfits and a long love affair with this toy line. Mattel has created one of the most timeless toys out there in this doll. It is no wonder that collector young and old alike scramble to get many of these limited edition masterpieces while they can.


There are many different types of collector Barbie Dolls out there. You can find ones in many different topic areas to fit your tastes. If you are a fan of the pop world, you are going to want to check out the newest dolls based on the hottest movies to hit the screens recently.



There are also designs that pay homage to old time Hollywood. There are so many great lines to look at that it is really just easier to go through the many different collector Barbie dolls that are out there.

Medusa Barbie DollCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Goddess Series Collector Barbie Dolls

The Goddess Series where basically split into two releases. You have your classical goddesses. There is also another Goddess series that expands on the classical. These are the ones from your greek or roman mythical stories.




Many know the story of Medusa. She was cursed with serpents coming out of her head and any man she looked upon would turn to stone. Mattel created their design before this curse was put in place. This Barbie doll has flowing brown locks where eventually the snakes will be.




The story of Athena is that she burst from the head of Zeus already an adult. This warrior has always been depicted in armor. The Athena Barbie doll comes in armor with her shield, spear, and head piece that finish this great look.


Aphrodite Barbie Doll


This collector doll shows us the image that many know of Aphrodite; here she is rising out of the ocean on a shell. Our collection item is dressed in a beautiful flowing dress of emerald greens and blues that make her glow.


Dancing Fire Barbie DollCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Essence of Nature Collector Barbie Dolls

These designs take all that is magical and beautiful with the basic elements of nature and transforms them into beautiful outfits for us to enjoy.


Dancing Fire


This dress is wired to make it look like the doll herself is covered in flames. The orange and red colors that the dress is made of give the look a glow that is stunning.


Whispering Wind


The way the wind lights plays around you as you walk is captured in this beautiful look for Barbie. This collector Barbie doll looks like she is in a blustery wind or part of it. The bodice of this dress has matching stones attached to go with the beautiful colors of the dress.


Water Rhapsody Barbie


The deep blues bring to mind the water that flows around us. The cut of this dress is a mermaid cut. The train of this dress is formed like the waves of the ocean and is adorned with beads to finish the look.

Star Trek Barbie DollsCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Star Trek Collector Barbie Dolls

One of the most collected items whether it be in dolls or other merchandise is that of Star Trek. Mattel created its own threesome of dolls to bring to life the loved characters of this franchise. The full Star Trek line of dolls is in stock on Amazon now.


Lt Uhura


This doll is dressed in the red dress that is her Star Fleet uniform. The knee boots and her phaser are the perfect accessories to finish the look.


Captain Kirk


There is no one who would not look at this collector Barbie doll and not start quoting Star Trek. With his phaser ready to stun, Captain Kirk is ready for adventure.




It is only logical that if you were to get a Star Trek collection going that you would need Spock. From his Vulcan ears to his blue Star Fleet uniform, this is a must have doll.



Twilight Saga Collector Barbie Dolls


The Twilight Saga will end soon with the release of the final movie. This does not mean the love and passion of fans for the characters in the movies has gone. Mattel has created a wonderful line of dolls inspired by this movie.


In this edition of designs each character has multiple designs that can be chosen from. This all depends on which movie the model is based on. This means that you can have Bella in many different outfits along with Jacob and Edward.


The Wizard of Oz Collection


One of the favorite movies that Mattel has created designs from is the Wizard of Oz. There are so many characters of this timeless story of a little girl trying to find her way home. These are great for Barbie collectors and non Barbie collectors alike.


Wizard of Oz Dorothy Barbie Doll


There are a couple of different designs of this same doll available for your collection. The one thing that holds true is the blue dress, brown hair, and ruby red slippers.


Scarecrow Doll


The Scarecrow is probably Dorothy’s closet friend after her dog in her adventures in OZ. All of the details are there is this great outfit from the rope belt to the soft shoes that he wears as he follows the yellow brick road.


Wicked Witch of the West Barbie Doll


All great stories must have their villain. Ours for this grouping is the Wicked Witch of the West. With her green skin, pointing hat, and of course her broom, she is a vision to behold.


There are so many different collector Barbie dolls available out there that it is hard to talk about all of them in one article. This selection gives you an idea of just how diverse the selection is and how you are sure to find some that will fit your hobbies and loves.


The truth is that once you start a Barbie collection and see just how much detail go into these stunning outfits, you will surely find yourself wanting more. This is what causes the great love affair with Barbie to grow in many. So explore the many lines and types of collections that Mattel has out there.



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