College Dating Advice

Seeking College Dating Advice?

Going to college is always a learning experience not only academically, but socially as well. So many things change when you are in college, and many freshmen are in dire need of college dating advice.

Of course, this a time when you first taste what life will be like on your own. You no longer have your parents to answer to when you don't come home at night, and your parents no longer lingering around, waiting to meet whoever you go out with. They aren't going to be around to give you college dating advice (although you probably don't want it from them!). You're independent, and you're really free from parental restrictions. This is partially why college dating advice is so important when you're just starting out.

College Dating Advice: Alcohol Is Not The Answer

Being on your own does not mean that you can break all the rules that were held over your head while you were under your parent's guidance. Going out and getting totally wasted on alcoholic beverages is not acting like an adult, which you are now. You may think it's a sign of being an adult, but it's not a sign of maturity. Actually, very few adults go out and get drunk frequently (once they are outside of college) - it's only a very small percentage of them, and usually there is a price to pay. Drinking may seem like an easy way to meet a guy or a girl, but it's not the best way to go about it.

College Dating Advice: Maintain Your Common Sense

Being on your own does not mean that you should throw your common sense out the window either. Use your common sense, and don't date those who seem to present red flags for one reason or another. Trust your instincts to keep you from making mistakes, which are sometimes dire mistakes that can't be undone.

College Dating Advice: Safe Intercourse Is Important

College relationships are different from those in high school. After high school, intercourse becomes a much more probable part of dating. Always keep in mind, whether you are a male or female, that you need to insist on condom use regardless of the circumstances. Sexuality is a wonderful thing to experiment with, but keep in mind that it can also change your life forever if you are not careful. A good part of good college dating advice is to always be prepared for any possibility, armed with condoms or even carrying pepper spray. You never know what kinds of circumstances you will come across.

College Dating Advice: Don't Dwell On The Past

Just because your heart was broken by the love of your life in high school doesn't mean it should hold you back in college. Some of the best college dating advice is to forget what you did in the past, and realize that your whole life is ahead of you now. Therefore, it's time to make the most of your life currently, leaving behind the baggage of the past.

Above all, don't play childish games. Be open and honest. Even if you stand to gain in the short run by lying, it's going to hurt you in the long run. Those who are seen as "game players" never win in the end. If you keep all of this college dating advice in mind, you're sure to have a great social experience while you tackle higher education.