Because college is such a new experience, here is a recommended college dorm checklist for you to utilize. College is definitely an exciting time, but if you don’t come prepared, your experience will not be as good as it can be. These are items that you should bring, but remember to decide for yourself whether or not you really need them.

Mattress Pad: Though your school will provide beds, chances are you will need one of these.

Pillow and Pillow Cases: Your school doesn’t provide pillows! You have to bring your own, and you can’t share these.

Sheets: You need sheets to sleep on and your school will not provide these.

Towels: You never know when these will come in handy. How else are you going to take a shower?

Flip-Flops: These are extremely important when you take a shower. Showers, especially when your bathroom is on one floor for everyone to use, are very dirty. They are not like what you are used to at home! Flip –flops will protect your feet from fungi and bacteria that could infect unprotected feet.

Desk Lamp: When your roommate is asleep when you are pulling an all-nighter studying, you have to keep your lights dark enough for your roommate to catch some Z’s.

Hangers (for clothes): You need these! What will you do with all your clothes?

Mirror: Your dorm doesn’t have a mirror and when you want a quick self check-up, you don’t want to walk all the way to the bathroom to do look at yourself in the mirror. You never know when it will come in handy.

Trash Can Bags: These are important!

Microwave: If your college allows you to bring a microwave to your dorm, it is highly recommended that you bring it because it is more efficient to make food in your dorm. Especially when you’re studying during finals, you simply don’t have enough time to go out for a meal. I highly recommend the Panasonic NN-SD372S  if you will bring one because it is compact and easy to use.

Small Fridge: Again, if your school allows you to bring a fridge, it is highly recommended that you bring one because it is simply more efficient. You can keep cold a healthy snack like an apple. It is great to keep a few drinks. I recommend the SPT Compact Refrigerator because it is small enough and can hold a lot of things.

Detergent: To wash your clothes.

Soap/ Shampoo: To wash your hair.

Toothbrush/ Toothpaste: To wash your teeth.

Bandages and band-aids: Chances are, there will be times that you end up hurting yourself, especially if you’re stumbling around drunk (just kidding). Do not come unprepared! You don’t want your cuts to get infected.

Credit/Debit cards: Keep these safe, but you need credit cards in case of emergencies.

License: This is your ID. Bring it with you everywhere, and every time.

ATM Card: Again these are great when you are in need of quick cash.

Alarm Clock: Your phone may also work, but there is nothing like a good old-fashioned alarm clock. Works every time.

Camera: There will be times when you want to take pictures in college.

Extra phone (in case it breaks): When a phone breaks, usually you need one right away. Whether it be a call from your boss or an emergency back at home, a missed call can be devastating. Because nowadays a phone is so vital to get around, you should bring an extra one.


Clothes: Obviously.

Backpack: Again, obviously. Preferably, bring more than one just in case one of yours breaks. The Swiss Gear Backpack is good because it is sturdy and spacious.

Umbrella: Yes! It rains at your university too!

Sunglasses: Great to look prepared for the sun.

Here are the top things, in my opinion, that you need to bring to college. You will probably be able to get by with these, but feel free to add to this list!