So you are thinking about throwing a party in your college dorm room or student apartment and just have no idea what to do.  Let’s be honest, everybody wants their party to be the party that everyone talks about for the entire year.  However, you do not want to go out on a limb on a party idea only to have it backfire in your face.  Now everyone will talk about your party for the rest of the year because it was so boring and lame.  Am I right?  Isn't that the big fear before throwing a party.  Well have no fear any more because listed below I have put together some party ideas that either I have thrown, or was invited to.  Either way, all of these party ideas were a big hit and everyone had a great time.  

A.B.C. Party


Caution Tape Dress

A.B.C. stands for Anything But Clothes. This was by the far the most fun and talked about party of the year that I threw.  Here is how it works.  Have your guests come dressed up in outfits that they put together with duct tape, trash bags, caution tape, bed sheets or even pieces of cardboard. The sky is the limit on the creativity of this party and it was so much fun to see how creative everyone was.  To add a little something extra, pass around slips of paper and everybody can vote on the most creative outfit.

Dollar Service

The Dollar Service party was another big hit, but this one didn't really take off till the night got later and all the guest had plenty of beverages.  The object of this party is simple.  All the guests must bring a few dollar bills with them that they will ultimately exchange for services from the other guests. Examples of services include back rubs, foot rubs, a dance or even a body shot. As the party goes on and night gets later, the services and the amount paid for the services gets very interesting to see.  The winner is the guest who has collected the most dollar bills by the end of the party.

No Service

No service sign

Have you ever heard the saying, no shirts, no shoes no service? Well that is exactly what this party is all about. Perhaps it is winter time and everyone could use a little summer feeling in them. Your guests must come dressed with no shirts and no shoes on or they do not receive any food or drinks. Obviously the girls attending will have bikini tops or bras on, but you get the picture. If this is winter time party, have some beach balls or other summer items spread around.  Play some Jimmy Buffet or some other summer music in the background to help everyone feel like it's a touch of summer again. 

All One Color

I think at some point everyone has seen or at least heard about an all one color party, usually done as white. However, what about an all pink or blue party? Everyone must attend this party dressed head to toe in the color of your choice. If you can, have your room decorated in that color. In addition, if you really want to take this party theme to the next level, have all of your food and drinks in that color as well. With everyone and everything decked out in one color, the pictures you take look really cool and interesting.

Roman Toga

Toga guy

The Roman toga party is most likely the most classic of all college dorm room parties to throw. If you have ever seen the movie Animal House, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Have your guest take some bed sheets and turn them into classic Greek togas. You can take this party to the next level by having Greek themed food like pita chips and humus. 

Nerds vs Jocks

Have you guests attend the party dressed up like either a nerd or a jock. The more outrageous and classic the outfit, the better. At the party, have some of the nerds pair off against some of the jocks in games like beer pong or flip cup.