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Mr Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker for the Dorm Room

Student Dorm Supplies

College Dorm Essentials

Student dorm room housing supplies are important to make the student feel comfortable. Dorms usually have some furniture, like a bed, desk, but there are personal housing supplies that will make students feel less homesick and more productive. Going away to college can be a daunting task full of expenses, but there are ways to buy dorm room supplies on a budget. Shopping for discounts will help make college more affordable. Dorm room appliances and housing supplies can be purchased cheap, secondhand, on sale, and as gifts. Dorm room supplies for students should be purchased when they are affordable. Whether you will live in the dorms or in a fraternity or sorority house, there are a few necessary student housing supplies. Discount shopping is the way to go. Check the university website or call for recommended dorm room appliances. Colleges have safety rules, like only using an auto shut off coffee maker, so check before making big purchases like a mini refrigerator.

Dorm Room Housing Supplies and Decorations

Dorm Room Bedding and Towels

Buy dorm room bedding. Cheap bedding is the best option for college students. Bedding is often forgotten. Before buying sheets and other dorm room bedding, measure the dorm bed. Sheets, blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and other bedding can be expensive if you don't shop smart. Most dorm beds are twin. XL Twin sheets ought to fit, but measure anyhow. Measure the dorm bed's length, width, and diagonal for accurate bedding dimensions. Use thrift stores, second hand stores, and bedding sales for discount, cheap dorm room bedding for college kids. Wash dorm room bedding in hot water with laundry soap and bleach and they are good as new. Buying a bed in a bag is also a great option. Buy discount, cheap bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases, and pillows during bedding blowout sales. Get clearance bedding prices from stores like Target, Ross, and Marshall's. Clearance bedding is sold along with other housing items, such as coffee makers, cups and cheap cookware. Amazon and offer cheap dorm room bedding for students. Cheap bedding wont negatively impact grades so there is nothing that says the first set of sheets out of high school should be satin (unless they are on sale).

Mini Refrigerator and Microwave - Essential Student Dorm Room Appliances

Dorm room mini fridges are important for easy access to healthy food and water. Bring a water filter. Rest and nutrition impact student performance. A small, portable refrigerator can help students prevent the college "freshman 15" weight gain during their first year by giving them healthier food choices. Micro refrigerators prices depend on their size and whether a freezer is included. Appliance stores like Sears will have them. The micro fridge might be cheaper at Kmart, Target, or Amazon, who has them on sale. You can buy a Haier mini refrigerator with a freezer for under $100. Other important dorm room appliances are microwaves and toaster ovens, all making healthy eating possible.

College Dorm Supplies: Dry Erase Boards, Day Planner and Calendars

A dry erase board is a great way to keep track of assignments, chores, shopping lists, to do items, phone numbers, and anything else that is important. Although a lot of students keep calendars on PDAs, laptops,and their iPad tablets, but it's also helpful to keep a list that is not electronic. A dry erase board is a great way to communicate with roommates in dorms or shared college apartments or houses. Dry erase boards come in several different sizes. Calendars and day planners are also important for keeping track of everything important during class and after school.

Student Dorm Supplies: Coffee Maker, Tea Pot or Yerba Mate Gourd

Buy a coffee maker. Instant coffee, drip coffee makers, french press coffee makers, espresso makers, and smaller, single brew coffee makers all work great for making coffee and assorted teas. A PBA free water bottle or thermos is also very helpful. A small 4-cup coffee maker is a smart buy because it makes coffee, tea, cocoa, and can be used to make hot water.

Dorm Supplies: Computer and Printer

College life is much easier when students have their own laptop. Cheap student laptops are available, such as a refurbished HP laptop. On-campus computer labs are great backup, but mobility is better. Netbooks and tablet computer are popular for students. The Apple iPad is very popular and expensive. An Apple-refurbished iPad saves money, but they're still expensive. There are cheap student computer options for the average college student. Buying a small printer is a must have dorm room supply. The All-in-One HP printer is perfect because it scans, prints, and makes copies, three uses that will save money in printing charges at the library, not to mention the ability to print assignments and make last minute, late night changes to term papers. The everything HP printer is on sale at Amazon. A dorm room printer can be a life saver for some students. This also prevents late night walks across campus that can be dangerous.

Dorms and Shared Living Bathroom Supplies

Bathroom supplies for the dorm are often forgotten. Dorm bathroom supplies and other personal items that make living more convenient and comfortable need to be prioritized. Make a college bathroom supplies checklist that includes personal grooming and hygiene items. Separating the lists into dorm room supplies, bathroom supplies, and classroom supplies helps with organization.

Condoms and Self Defense for Campus Safety

Condoms prevent the spread of STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and HIV (if they're used correctly). Student stats aren't positive. Drinking, bullying, and crime is high on many campuses. Prepare your child with mace and a whistle to call for help. Sexual assault rates on campuses are high. Encourage self defense classes for students to help prepare them overall for life situations. College isn't all studying.

Money Saving Shopping Tip for College Dorm Supplies

Check with the dorm roommate before buying big dorm room appliances. Doubling up on dorm room supplies can create a cramped dorm room. Buy dorm room appliances and supplies on clearance. The best time of year to save at second hand stores like Goodwill is the first couple days of January. Take advantage of the great sales.The last week of December is the busiest time of year for thrift shops because donating to charity is a tax write off and it has to be done by December 31. All sorts of great, like new items are donated throughout the year, but especially then, so it can be a gold mine for student housing supplies. Shopping for college dorm room supplies there is smart because those stores are full of great items including microwaves, radios, clothing, bedding, messenger bags, backpacks, classroom supplies, towels, sheets, blankets, and other items that can be used as dorm room decorations. Clearance shopping at any store is smart when you are trying to save money on dorm room supplies.

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