College Entrepreneurs

College Student Entrepreneurs Who Made It Big

college entrepreneurs

Collegiate entrepreneurs: those whose college small business endeavors led them to big time wealth. Most people attend a university or college to prepare them for some sort of occupation. Imagine if your college job turned into a major source of money!

In this list of college entrepreneurs, I'll talk about a few individuals you may have heard of, and a few you may not. Each one managed to turn their college entrepreneurial idea into a realistic business and grow rich from it. 

Collegiate Entrepreneurs: Brian Scudamore

Successful College Entrepreneurs

College Entrepreneurs: Got Junk

First in our list of college entrepreneurs is Brian Scudamore. You may not instantly recognize him, but you'll probably recognize the company he's associated with, 1-800-Got-Junk.

Brian is a Vancouver resident who was attending university when he noticed a rubbish removal truck in his neighbourhood. Brian embraced the collegiate entrepreneur spirit, and managed to raise $700 to purchase a truck, founding the company The Rubbish Boys. 

He was voracious in finding new work, scouring the city alleyways looking for junk piles, handing out coupons for reduced rates, and using various 'guerilla marketing' tactics. Eventually he dropped out of college due to the overwhelming success of his business. The business was rebranded to 1-800-Got-Junk? and now enjoys international success, with franchises all across North America and Australia.

Brian is a great example of a successful college entrepreneur whose success sort of fell into his lap. Like most successful collegiate entrepreneurs, he took the reins and went with it.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs: Frederick W. Smith

Successful College Entrepreneurs

college entrepreneurs: FedEx

Our next college entrepreneur, Frederick Smith, was a student at Yale University in 1962, when he wrote a paper outlining the basis of a package delivery business and how it would cope with the information age, specifically with computers. Smith graduated in 1966 and joined the Marines. He never forgot his college entrepreneurial idea, however, and purchased an aircraft maintenance company in 1970 to pursue it. 

Smith would later turn this company into FedEx, now the largest overnight express delivery service in the world, and currently the largest such service in the United States. He is currently worth over $2 billion, and his company and brand is known around the world. Smith was a successful college entrepreneur who had plenty of time to think about his concept. 

Note: Smith claims his famous paper on the package delivery system got a 'C'. 

Collegiate Entrepreneurs: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Successful College Entrepreneurs

College Entrepreneurs: Google

You might not recognize the names of our next college entrepreneurs, but you should recognize their business. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were university students at Stanford University in California. Both of them were fascinated by search engines and how they ranked pages, and they were able to devise a new method that ranked pages relationally to one another. They named the site Google, and started working out of a garage in 1997. It still uses the 'relational' method for all of its search results.

Currently both of these college entrepreneurs are worth around $15 billion each, and their brainchild is known and used around the world. They have expanded to include email services, apps and now even a social network, Google +. Even mighty college entrepreneurs can have humble beginnings!

College Entrepreneurs: Lots Of Ways To Do It

Did you notice the one thing they had in common? The point to take from this article is that a college entrepreneur can come from any walk of life, and can arrive at a successful end regardless of the path. From college dropouts to Yale graduates, college entrepreneurs only seemed to have one thing in common: big dreams.

Good Luck!