It is time for a new playoff system for college football

While I love college football, I strongly disagree with the current “playoff” system the NCAA currently uses.  The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is disorganized, unfair to colleges and fans, and is set to exclude smaller teams from ever receiving the big payoffs the large colleges receive for playing in the higher profile bowl games.  These are the reasons I think the BCS should be eliminated or overhauled:

The potential for financial misallocation by Bowl officials.  The organizers of the Fiesta Bowl were just fined $1 million for misappropriation of funds which included illegal political contributions, “business junkets” with golf and other swag paid for b y the organization, and unrealistic salaries of the Bowl presidents (their salaries are in the $100,000s for organized one or two games).  While some bowls, such as the Rose and Orange, give back to their communities, it is the colleges that play in the bowl that have to compensate the organization if they don’t sell their allotted tickets, which can wind up being in the millions of dollars.

The exclusion of smaller schools.  Boise State, Utah, TCU, and others have long complained that they are overlooked come bowl time because they play in “weaker” non-automatic qualifying conferences.  While TCU and Utah have resolved their problems by moving to bigger conferences there will always be other teams that feel slighted by the current payoff system.  My solution?  Reconfigure the conferences (with certain traditions and games in mind) and set up a playoff system that will fairly allow all Division I teams to prove themselves at the end of the season.

Sponsorship of the bowl games.  All of the Bowl organizations are tax exempt.  They often fleece college teams that can’t sell all the tickets to their bowl game for millions of dollars.  They organize one game a year.  They make a fortune from tickets and memorabilia sales and from the networks that broadcast the game.  Why do they need sponsorship?  Leave sponsorship for the money hungry pros.

National Championship Confusion.  As long as there are undefeated teams (Auburn, Boise State) excluded from National Championship Games there is always confusion on whom the best really is.  A true National Championship playoff system would eliminate this.  NCAA college basketball has a great playoff system which allows the best to play each other no matter the size of the school.  It would be nice to see some school like Hawaii play in the National Championship if they proved themselves worthy to be there. 

          Why the presidents and athletic directors continue to support the BCS is beyond me.  Hopefully the shady dealings by the Fiesta Bowl organization will open the eyes of the “powers that be”, whether it is the government or the NCAA, and change that three ring circus we call the BCS.