What We Expect From You

  • Earn a meaningful degree- football is a great experience. But, if you are not at your school earning a degree in something that you want to be employed in why are you here? Being a college football player is a 4-5 year experience. Once you have used up your eligibility you have the rest of your life to look forward to. If you are not trying to earn a meaningful degree with your time at school you are making a serious mistake. This is how you are going to put food on the table.
  • Pass every class- There is no reason if you actively attend class that you should not pass. Look at it like a game. Win in that class. 
  • Hustle 100% of the time- Hustle is all attitude!
  • Practice to the best of your ability- There are so many factors that you cannot control that determine where your ceiling is as a football player. You cannot control your height, genetic makeup, natural athletic ability. What you can control is your effort on the practice field, in the meeting rooms, and in the weight room.
  • Be totally honest - We are a family. As your coach I can deal with any problem that comes up as long as I know about it.
  • Be on time for everything (football or other) - This is really a choice. You either chose to be on time or you chose to be around time. Phones these days have the ability to set multiple alarms. Please do not help contribute to the negative stereotypes that football players already receive. Instead try to better the campus view on football players by being on time.
  • Be part of something special- We are all here in the end because of our love of the game. If we all put in work we will be able to be part of something special.

What You Can Expect From Coach

  • To be completely loyal- My number one goal as a football coach is to help create great fathers, husbands, employees, and alumni. Helping you as a person is my number one priority.
  • To be totally honest- I will create trust with my honesty. I will not be afraid to tell you when you need to do better or when you are doing well. The best type of player-coach relationship is built on the ability for everyone to be honest.
  • To provide great leadership- I will be constantly looking for ways to motivate each individual athlete. With this the best way to motivate is by example. I will lead by example.
  • To work you harder than you have ever worked before- This is not a club sport. You are here because you show great promise in your abilities as a football player. I am here to get the most out of you.
  • To assist you in any way possible- I am here to try and aid you in any way possible. I may not know how to help you with your homework but I will know how to find someone who can.
  • To treat you as a man- You are going to work very hard for me. It is only fair that you get treated accordingly.


Practice Attitude

The habits we choose in practice will be the habits that we will revert to when things get tough in the fourth quarter. We will perform during the season exactly as we have practiced during the week. With that we will practice harder and smarter than anyone. When we practice we will be working to achieve something. We will set goals of what we need to get better and make sure we are taking strides in that area. Putting in time and being present does not insure anything. Every practice, meeting, and workout is an opportunity to get better individually and as a team.

 What Will Hurt Us

  • Self-Pity
  • Poor Work Habits
  • Can't Win Attitude
  • Lack of Role Acceptance
  • Lack of Togetherness
  • Lack of Pride
  • Lack of Self Respect