Finding enough time to write and run your business is challenging for any freelance writer.  If you're starting out as a college student on top of it, then time is even more at a premium as you have to juggle classes and extra cirricular activities as well.  As a freelance writer you're still required to find the time to get not only all of your freelance writing work done, but also spending the necessary time to do the leg work to find new work and new clients.  Every college student has at least one semester where it seems like they never sleep, and sleep often isn't a high priority for college students in general. 

Usually organization is not a strong point, either.  The point is that if you really look at your schedule you might be surprised to find how much time you do actually have to help develop your freelance writing career.  You don't need to find something ridiculous like 8 hours a day extra to make it work, either.  Just a couple hours a day can add up big time if you use those hours wisely. 

Analyze your schedule
Do you really need to spend 6 hours at the party, or can you get one hour of writing in before hand and still enjoy 5 hours of partying?  Will you really be that much less happy at the end?  Do you have forty minutes between classes where you usually veg?  Write a blog post.  Have a class cancelled?  Write an article.  If you have two hours between classes, take some time to do some writing.  Instead of playing 2-3 hours of video games, play one, let your friends rotate in, and get some work done while still joking around with the group.  You don't have to sacrifice social life to get your career going, but you do need to wisely balance out the two.  It might be a little bit difficult at first to figure out, but given a little time and practice and you'll fully figure out how to make that balance work for you perfectly.

Consider the 1 and 1 option
One great strategy that many college student freelance writers use is informally referred to at the "1 and 1 optin."  This practice is so named because it involves taking one hour at the beginning of hte day and one at the end to create your working time.  This means the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up is shower, grab a coffee, and then sit down and do at least one article or one hour of work before grabbing breakfast or getting into your day.

The idea here is that you always get at least one thing done right away in the morning.  The key in this situation is that this habit never changess, no matter what else is going on during that day.  This means if you need to get up an hour earlier, you get up an hour earlier.  The second one comes at the end of the day.  Whether it's a study break, a wind down, or you're just killing time before going to bed, take an hour at night and right one more article, blog post, or do one project to get a little more work done.  Then that's it: the 1 and 1 option is great for college students building a freelance writing career or passive income online.  This guarantees steady and consistent work, no matter how busy your schedule.

Quick activities to build your freelance writing career
You don't need six hours to sit down and get a solid amount of work done.  If you decide to go with the earlier advice on making an honest appraisal of your time and building your writing portfolio in a piece mail fashion.  Even if you find yourself with an open half hour and you can't write an article in that time then why not get some research done, set up an outline or a series of outlines for your next articles, or even brain storming ideas for future blog posts, articles, or other projects?  If you sell PLR articles, even writing just one here or there will equal a good batch in the long run.  You need to make the most out of every scrap of free time you have and that's the way you'll really make traction when it comes to becoming a professional freelance writer.

What does this mean for you?
Many college students view themselves as being extremely busy and some are, while others only feel that way.  Even if you find yourself as one of those ultra-busy college students who really needs to search to find that empty bit of time, at the end of the day you can always resort to the last ditch option of going to bed one hour less and using that time to build a long term freelance writing career.  Even just a little work each day early on in your career will pay huge dividends later on. 

This is especially true when you compare will your business will be in three years with daily work versus where it would be without all that extra work put in.  While seven to fourteen hours a week might seem like a lot, it's not when you break it down on a day by day basis.  However, it's more than enough time to build a full time income freelance writing, or to puruse that long term passive income that will really open doors for you.

Many people dream about making a full time living as a writer or blogger, but very few pull it off.  This isn't because it's too hard or the people don't have talent: persistance and perserverence are porbably the most important traits for a successful writer and anyone can have those.  Make the effort to build your career, and it will pay off handsomely.  Just a little bit a day will make all the difference in the long run, and yuo'll thank yourself later for making just that basic effort.