There are literally hundreds of college girl Halloween costume ideas to choose from; however, only a portion of these costumes are inexpensive and great looking. Attending college can be quite expensive, and saving money on your Halloween costumes can really pay off in the long run.

You may be wondering, with so many inexpensive options, why should I choose any of the costumes that are mentioned in this article? The truth of the matter is that all of the materials and accessories for these college girl Halloween costume ideas can be purchased for less than $50, will be easily recognizable, and are “evergreen” in that they can be worn for many years in the future.

Dressing Up As Blair Or Serena From Gossip Girl Are Amazing College Girl Halloween Costume Ideas For A Small Budget

Gossip Girl seems to be one of the most popular shows for girls that are in college and university because it features characters that may be going through similar things as them. In addition, these characters are all involved in a gossip circle, which is very similar to the gossip that travels around college campuses.

Blair and Serena are the two characters from the Gossip Girl series that are very easy to dress up as. Dressing up as Blair or Serena from Gossip Girl will barely cost you anything! In fact, you will probably already have a few of the clothes for these two college girl Halloween costume ideas in your closet!

Basically, to dress up as either Blair or Serena from Gossip Girl, you must simply utilize their style, along with their key accessories that they wear in the show. The key costume accessory that Blair wears is a light colored fedora, and the key costume accessories that Serena  wears are expensive looking jewellery (that can be replicated with costume jewellery). These two costumes are perfect for a college girl that is on a budget.

A Morticia Costume Is Inexpensive If You Do Not Want To Create Your Own Costume

The Addams Family was a classic hit television show throughout tMorticia Addams Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comhe 1990s, and Morticia was one of the main characters. I think that you should consider all of the Morticia Addams college girl Halloween costume ideas because they are easily recognizable, and will not cost you a lot of money to buy.

One of the greatest features of a Morticia Addams Halloween costume is that it can be manipulated to look as if it were a witch costume. If you are looking for college girl Halloween costume ideas that can be reused next year, then you should be considering the Morticia Addams costume because it has many universal accessories. The one thing that I must mention is that dressing up as Morticia Addams involves a lot of makeup so you should be familiar with a makeup palette if you want to pull this one off properly!

One Of The Best College Girl Halloween Costume Ideas Is Dressing Up As A Nurse-Perfect For Showing Off Your Body

Women`s bodies are in their prime during their college years; moreNurse Halloween Costume For College GirlsCredit: Amazon.comover, they may want to show them off because those few years will be the only years that their bodies look that great! College girls will be looking for a costume that flaunts their body`s curves, while not being over-revealing. Choosing a nurse costume is perfect for this Halloween party because it is sexy and inexpensive.

You may know a nurse that has a spare uniform sitting at home; however, their stock uniforms are not really meant to look sexy. All that you must do is take a pair of scissors and work your magic along the shoulders and collarbone area of the nurse`s uniform, and you will have yourself one of the sexiest college girl Halloween costume ideas on the market! In addition, it will have been absolutely free!

A Maid Is One Of The Sexiest College Girl Costumes That You Can Find!

I think that the maid costume is one of the sexiest Halloween costumes for college girls on the market because it can be easily manipulated. Most maids wear a black shirt and shirt, and a white laced apron. However, you can dress up as a maid with your own clothing! You can buy a laced maid apron from a costume store for under $10, and pair it up with any black skirts and shirts that you may already have!

Dress Up As A Pirate!

Although a pirate is a very common costume for someone to dress up in, it is one of the best college girl Halloween costume ideas that you can execute due to its universality. Most college girls are looking for a universal costume that can be worn to nearly any party for a number of years; a pirate is a costume that will fit both of those criteria perfectly! When it comes to pirate Halloween costumes, there is a huge variety to choose from; you can find everything from a sexy pirate to one that has been pulled up from the bottom of the ocean.

I would highly recommend going with the sexy pirate Halloween costume if you are a college girl that is looking to flaunt the body that you have worked so hard to get. Not only will dressing up as a sexy pirate show some well earned skin, but it might get you a few free drinks from the men around you! The one thing that I would keep in mind when dressing up for a Halloween dorm pSuperwoman Halloween Costume For GirlsCredit: Amazon.comarty is the fact that there is a fine line between being slightly revealing and too careful with the amount of skin that you are showing.

When it comes to the college girl Halloween costume ideas that are featured throughout this article, they only form the tip of the iceberg; there are literally hundreds of choices! However, I would deem these options as the best Halloween costumes for college girls because they are inexpensive, can be manipulated, and can be used for as many as 5 years in a row!