Getting college grants for single mothers is one of the best ways a single mother with children can pay for college.

These days, college can be very expensive. A struggling mother trying to put food on the table for her children will not be in any possible to pay for college. Yet, how else can a mother get the skills needed to qualify for a better job? The answer comes in the form of a college grant for single mothers.

Grants are basically free money given to someone who meets the required qualifications. Grants, unlike loans, are non repayable. This means once you have grant money, you can spend it on whatever you wish and not have to pay it back. There are various kinds of education grants for single mothers out there which you can apply for to get college financing you need.

The first source of grand funding for single moms can be had from the federal government. Each year, the federal government gives out government grants for single mothers. These are special grants that ONLY single mothers can qualify for. Federal grants are usually given out on the basis of financial need. This means that you must meet certain low income criteria.

Another source of grants for single parents is the actual college or school institution you will attend. Colleges often set up a series of grant programs for students who meet special criteria. Most major universities and colleges have both college grants for single mothers and scholarships for single mothers.

To apply for these single mother college grants, you need to directly contact the financial aid office of the school you will be attending and ask about single mother grants.

You may also be able to qualify for an educational scholarship from your employer, if you work for a major corporation. Most of the big corporations have some sort of employee scholarship program which will fund part of an employee's college tuition - should the employee qualify. This may not appeal to most people looking for grant funding to attend college, but for some who do work for such a corporation (Wal-Mart, McDonalds, etc) it's worth checking out.

There are also many private organizations that may offer special college grants to single mothers. These types of grants are harder to find and are thus easier to qualify for (less competition). You can find these nonprofit organizations by looking online.

How to find college grants for single mothers? The first place you want to start is on the internet. Look at all single mother grant programs you find online. Visit many websites that give suggestions on finding grants for students. Be sure to visit the federal government's website about financial aid for single mothers. The more time you spend researching about single mother scholarships and grants, the better a position you will be in to apply for grants.

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