The Guide to Spicing Up Your College Diet

Ramen, Ramen, and more Ramen


Are you tired of eating ramen noodles and cafeteria food every single day of college? Are you worried about gaining the freshman fifteen? Well follow these guidelines and you will have nothing to worry about as you attack the college lifestyle. Throughout this article we will be discussing different recipes that are simple, tasteful, and healthy. In college, students do not always have the time to make five-star gourmet meals, or the money for it for that matter. So simplicity in cost and creation will be a common theme throughout this article. 

Simple snacks that are quick to make and quick to eat are a very hot commodity in a college student's life. So this simple time-saving idea is a "Nutella and honey sandwich". The recipe is pretty self-explanatory, you put Nutella and honey on two slices of bread and make it a sandwich. This also works with a tortilla if you are trying to cut your carbohydrate intake. The Nutella brings a nice chocolate-like texture and taste with large amounts of protein, sugar, and carbohydrates. Honey is sometimes called "nature's battery" because honey is natural energy so this makes the sandwich a great possibility for a breakfast or lunch snack. The next idea is an incredibly healthy meal or snack that can be used as lunch or dinner. This idea consists of unsalted green beans and fried onions. You can cook the green beans however you prefer then drain all the water out of them and add some fried onions to it. This gives you a great crunchy blend that is still healthy for you, but the kicker is that it tastes way better than just eating plain green beans. The plus to this snack is that you can make this snack in less than three minutes.Soup is a simple and quick meal and relatively healthy as well. The best part about soup is that it is cheap to buy. As well as being cheap it is also portable, you can make your favorite kind of soup and pour it into a cup and drink it with out the use of a utensil. Also, for those of you who are trying to lose weight and stay away from the "freshman fifteen" to cut some of the sodium and calories out of a bowl of soup you can drain the broth and then add a little water. That is just a minor change that will help keep some calories away but also does not really affect the taste, the same could be said for green beans. At the end of the day tasty, quick, healthy snacks are ideal for college students. 

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In college it is likely that you will not have a meal picked out for every single night, it is more likely that you will have some food that you need to make a meal out of. The meal flexibility with eggs is tremendous. An omelette is always an option for college students because of all the different kinds that can be made. You can add anything from cheese, bacon, ham, turkey, chicken, steak and that is just the meats you can include. The eggs are very healthy for you especially if you do not use the yolk. Now another way to maximize the amount of eggs you use is to only use the egg whites then add fat-free milk into the skillet and the eggs absorb it and become larger without getting unhealthy. Eggs can also be a healthy addition to a breakfast wrap, sandwich, or bagel with cheese and any meat or vegetable. The egg makes for a large amount of convenience because of its versatility, you can make just about anything with it as well as add anything to it.  


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Easy meals are great meals, so anything that tastes great and is easy to make is a win. Frozen grilled chicken strips are good for you and simple to cook. Plus, you can eat them plain, make them into a sandwich, make them into a wrap, put them into a salad, or even pair them with some pasta. Steak strips and shrimp are equally valuable to a college kid's diet because they can be used in the same ways and if used interchangeably can allow you to never get bored or tired of the taste. While eating chicken, steak, or shrimp plain you can always use different seasonings or whatever you have available to spice things up a bit. 

Creative meals are always fun to make and to eat. So an idea for a fun and reasonably healthy meal would be making lean ground beef into burgers, but here is the twist. Form the ground beef into a bowl shape and add whatever you think might taste good. Some of these items include but are not limited to; bacon, cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, chicken, french fries, fried onions. The creativity of this meal is only limited by your imagination. The best part about this meal is you will never have to try the same thing twice. College kids food pantries are always limited so when you decide to make this just go look and try whatever you think will taste great, the availability of this meal is the best part. 

The last healthy tip I have for college students is to stay away from sodas, you will be amazed how many pounds fall off if you completely cut out sodas from your diet. If you completely cut out soft drinks and only drink water you will feel much healthier than you did. Now having said that drinking water at all times can be very boring and very tasteless that is why college students should purchase the Crystal Lite packets. This allows you to switch up the taste and yet stay healthy, they contain anywhere from 5-25 calories per packet. It is very likely that you will burn those calories by walking up a flight of stairs. So healthy, simple, and cheap is always the answer. 



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The common theme throughout the article was to help college kids find ways to eat good food for a low price and offer healthy options. Living a healthy lifestyle while in college can be easily taken care of you just have to keep at it and make small adjustments to your diet here and there. So good luck out there and make the freshmen fifteen a problem of losing fifteen pounds as opposed to gaining it.