College Life Savers - Tips to Keep You Going

New terms bring new chances in college. Use these tips to
improve and jump-start your college experience. If you start strong with
consistent, organized effort you will get the grade you want without stress.

College Tips for Freshmen to Seniors

Start with your syllabus from each class. Add all the
project and exam deadlines for the term. Schedule when you will study and notice
when you have crunch times coming.

College Tips for Good Grades

Get your work done consistently. Don’t exhaust yourself with
uneven efforts.

Schedule each extra effort before those times so you don’t
have to cram at the last-minute. Being prepared will help you avoid always
working under pressure and seeing school as stressful. If it’s stressful it’s
because you didn’t put forth the effort before crunch time.  Time spent before a test is a review not the first look at the material.

College Tips on Studying

Every class you miss shows up as another chance to miss
points and information. Small points add up and matter. Simple math plays a
huge role. 2 points extra credit five times over the course of a semester consists
of one letter grade on a test you didn’t do so well on. You are creating the
cushion which helps teacher decide to bump your grade up if in consideration.

College Tips for Survival

At least take 5 minutes and flip through the text and last
week’s notes

Accomplish a bit every day. Each bit helps and the small concepts matter.
Each matter you do to study will improve your grade. Discuss what you have
learned with people outside of school about what they have learned in the past.
 Catch up or even be ahead of the class by reading the book before class. If you
stay ahead then it will be like a free way without traffic. As soon as you stop
so does traffic and what happen next is inevitable, stress. Stress works in
ways against you: you will run out of time or a computer malfunction will set
you back further. Doing homework ahead of time helps you problems avoid complications. Professors show no leniency when it comes to students procrastinating then
asking for extensions.

College Tips to Succeed

Let your classmates know you will be studying for 30 minutes
before or after class. Let them know where they can find you. Be consistent
even if some others are not. Be the person people ask for advice versus someone
they don’t want in their group because they are lazy. Find other people who are
also serious about good grades. Plan to meet before tests or help each other
with projects. You work can only benefit from the collaboration and you will be
learning to work with others – a top job skill employers look for.

Use these going to college tips to improve the quality of your
daily life. Tips as above can significantly reduce avoidable stress.