The College Of Southern Idaho Golden Eagles volleyball team won a record 9th national champion ship. CSI is a small junior college located in Twin Falls Idaho. CSI has a very successful athletics program. From Volleyball, mens basketball, womens basketball, and the notorious CSI baseball team they all have experienced a lot of winning;.

CSI has the the reputation of being the cheapest college to attend in Idaho. They also are awesome recruiters when it comes to their sports programs. They recruit nationally, regionally, and locally.

The College Of Southern Idaho does not offer afootball program but they do have one hell of a Rodeo program. Some of the CSI bull riders take a beating that many division 1 football playerscould not endure.

The College Of Southern Idaho's mens basketball began in 1967 by Eddie Sutton who went on to become basketball coach at Kentucky and Oklahoma State. The CSI team has won 2 national championships. The CSI mens basketball team owns a record of 137 wins in a row at home. This record is of any college basketball program at any level. Even at their height of winning at home Duke, North Carolina, and Gonzaga did not ever come close to that record.

As much domination as the teams of CSI are non come close to their women volleyball team. Between 1994 and 1997 the CSI volleyball team won 190 consecutive matches. Between 1993 and 2000 the CSI Volleyball team won 7 national championships in 8 years. Recently CSI won it;s 9th national championship. The last national championship they won was in 2005.

Head coach Heidi Cartisser was named coach of the year after leading the CSI Golden Eagles to it's first national championship under her leadership as head coach.

The previous head coach for CSI was Jim "Skip" Walker. Skip Walker started as head coach for the CSI volleyball team in 1975. In 1984 Skip Walker led the Golden Eagles to to it's first national championship. Skip Walker left CSI in 2005 with more than 1,000 career victories.

It is an honor to play volleyball for the College Of Southern Idaho Golden Eagles. The CSI Golden Eagles have the top volleyball program in the nation for JUCO once again. Wach out again next year as many experts believe the College Of Southern Idaho Goldeneagles are destinied to be one of the top JUCO teams again.