When it comes to your college packing list, you probably have a few things that you absolutely MUST have...and then a bunch of things on your packing list for college that probably don't matter all that much. However, one common misconception about packing lists for colleges is that you don't need certain things—just put whatever you want on your college packing list! However, there are certain items that you DEFINITELY want to have with you! Let's face it—college is a tough time and you want to make sure that you ALWAYS are prepared! So, here's a list for both guys and girls of what you should add to your packing list for college—if it's not already on your college packing list.

Blow Dryer

You probably would think that a blow dryer would be pretty standard for a college packing list—but then you have to think about the packing list for colleges for boys and girls with really short hair. However, there are several reasons that EVERYONE should include these in their packing lists. First of all, you can use it to take care of ANY—and we mean any!--papers or books that might get wet or anything else that needs a quick drying. They can be used to help cure an ear infection caused by moisture in the ear. They're also great if you're cold and you need to warm up during the winter—just dry yourself off with the blow-dryer! (But remember to keep it fairly far from you; it might end up burning a little bit.)

Extra Storage

Another thing that a lot of people forget on their packing list for college is storage. Let's face it—you need this on your college packing list! You never know how small your dorm might be—and even if it is too small, you still need to make sure that you have a little extra space. Most people that have gone to college before can tell you—you may not have gone in with much, but you sure came out with quite a bit more! So, take the time to get appropriate storage.

Skype or another Video Chat

This isn't exactly something that you need to pack—but if you're feeling nervous or worried, there's nothing wrong with trying to reconnect with old friends or just talk to your family if you're feeling horribly homesick. This is definitely something to consider on your packing list for college—even if it's something that doesn't exactly fit on a college packing list!

Open toed Shoes of Some Form

Open toed shoes are a great option for your college packing list—even though they're a kind of odd thing to think you'd forget...but, let's face it. Most colleges get HOT during the summer and going barefoot can be, frankly, unsanitary. Let's face it—there are all kinds of things growing in your own shower—let alone around a school with HUNDREDS of kids! Play it safe by adding these types of shoes to your packing list for college. And who knows—maybe adding them to your packing list for college will help you to remember other things on your college packing list!


It's pretty important that you include this in your college packing list. Let's face it—if you plan on living in a dorm, you have to use the dorm's bathrooms too. Unfortunately, this just might include forgetting your towel one day or having to walk through an area where guys are as well! Or, just feeling uncomfortable! The best bet? Have a bathrobe on your packing list for college. For one, you can't really go wrong. Second, you don't have to buy an expensive one either—you could go to the thrift store for a good bathrobe! This is something that you definitely want on your college packing list—and probably one of the most inexpensive things on your packing list for college!


If you have to get up in the middle of the night to pee or if you have a final to cram—er, we mean study—for, then you want to make sure that you can actually do so, without waking up your roommate or anyone else down your hall. Make sure that you have a small light of some kind on your packing list for college. And make sure that you also have a reading light—if you need it. Either way, you don't want to get caught without either on your college packing list.

Laundry Basket

You'll want one—and preferably one made out of a lightweight fabric instead of plastic, since that'll make it ten times easier to lug it around campus, without accidentally dropping it on your foot! A really important thing to add to your college packing list! After that, make sure that you take the time to check if it jogs your memory about anything else on your packing list for college!

Ironing Board and Iron

This is another important thing to consider when marking up your packing list for college. First of all, these are great for anything. Dates, trying to keep your clothes neat, social events—anything. You can also use them as a makeshift panini maker! All joking aside, you want to have these two items on your college packing list, preferably in miniature or small sizes. Keep in mind that you will need to take the time to warm it up and everything—but it's definitely worth it when it comes to keeping your clothes tidy. Plus, of all the things on your college packing list, this is one that you can almost guarantee will be used later on. Definitely worth placing on your packing list for college!


These are an important thing to remember on your college packing list. Forget those that are on your phone—they aren't anything compared to real, decent pictures. Let's face it—if that phone goes dead or dies or falls off a building, you have no pictures left, unless you have a memory card and few phones do. So, instead, go ahead and make sure that you add physical, tangible photos. Something that no one can forget off their packing list for college.

Small Radio

Music is an important thing—no matter where you go. If you're too nervous about bringing your iPod, buy a cheap little boombox from the local thrift store. That way, you don't spend a bunch of money, you still have music, and you don't have to worry about if it gets broken or banged up. Not the most important thing that you need to remember on your packing list for college—but still something that should make it on your college packing list.

This is just a quick, comprehensive list of what you should add to your packing list for college—and to make sure your college packing list is complete!