Jimmy Clausen

So far this year in college football has been very exciting and as usual their have been many twists and turns on the road to a BCS bowl. One of the things that has not changed is the Notre Dame faithful trying to pump Jimmy Clausen as a Heisman candidate. Jimmy Clausen is not a valid Heisman candidate. Never has been. Here a few other players who will also not be on a serious Heisman short list but have better credentials then Jimmy Clausen.

Case Keenum, Quarterback for Houston is leading all NCAA football players with total offense. In fact nobody is even close statistically to Case Keenum for overall offensive yardage. Case Keenum is averaging 429.70 yards of total offense per game. More amazing is his overall total yardage per play which is 7.67 yards. That's 7.67 yard average for each play.

Overall yardage for Jimmy Clausen is 298.20 yards per game which has him ranked 8th on the overall yardgae list.

If I was in charge of recruiting for a team and my quarterback choices were Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame or Case Keenum of Houston my choice would be easy. Case Keenum would be my choice with out ever blinking. If your a Notre Dame booster let me ask you this. Would Houston be doing as well as it is this year if Clausen was playing for them as QB? Heck no they wouldn't. Houston would be struggling.

Another list that has Jimmy Clausen ranked 8th is for passing efficiency. Notre Dame is ranked 8th on the list for passing efficiency. 8th place is actually not bad at all. Very respectable. I give Jimmy Clausen, his receivers, and his "O-Line" big props for this however the teams that are currently ahead of Notre Dame in passing efficiency are


Boise State


Georgia Tech




The passing stats has Case Keenum in first and Notre Dame in 10th. Tyler Sheehan with Bowling Green are in second place. Tyler Sheehan is another QB I would choose over Jimmy Clausen. If you remember how Sheehan played in their loss at Boise then you know that he can play hard and under pressure.

Here's a list of a few players I would take over Jimmy Clausen any day.

Sean Canfield with Oregon State

Levi Brown with Troy

Case Keenum with Houston

Tyler Sheehan with Bowling Green

Aaron Opelt with Toledo

Michael Coughlin the back up QB for Kellen Moore at Boise State

This is not a complete list. There are many QB's I would take over Jimmy Clausen any day. Some QB 's do well in college such as Ryan Leaf and then are awful after entering the NFL. I believe Jimmy Clausen is an overrated college QB. His stock can only go up when entering the NFL draft. I hope Jimmy Clausen is an awesome QB when he hits the NFL but my prediction will be the same as his first year starting for Notre Dame. He is overrated and a poor performer on the field. The exception to this is under pressure. When Notre Dame is behind Jimmy Clausen plays like the best Quarterback around. Maybe Charlie Weiss needs to keep pressure on Clausen all the time. Of course we know that Weiss has his own pressure to deal with as he is about to lose his job at the end of the season.